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Last Friday was a bit nightmarish because I was locked out of the car and had no choice but to call on the services of the one and only locksmith in a mall and when you have no choice of service provider, you know what that means – you have to pay whatever they ask. In this case, it was RM120 for a 5 minute job so I was seething the entire night at an unnecessary expense and had insomnia. I was in a bad mood when I arrived at Code Factory Jaya Shopping Centre for 2 complimentary games.

Code Factory Jaya Shopping Centre currently consists of 4 rooms with variety of themes, experience, creative quiz and puzzle. Each room is unique and interactive with team work required to solve the puzzle and complete the game. Our games were “Lost” (their most popular game) and “Classroom Murder”. We had 50 minutes to escape from each game which all things considered, is a reasonable amount of time.

Eerie music and ambiance, gory exhibits and suspense, these made up “Lost” whereas “Classroom Murder” was slightly more laidback. My team mates and I enjoyed every minute of these games. Sometimes the clues would be right under our noses, it was so obvious but we still had to call for help (we could avail ourselves of 3 hints at any time throughout the game).

We emerged as winners in both games which was a surprise to us but I am glad to say we were very cohesive in deciphering the clues and puzzles. It was so much fun that the experience made me feel so much better about the previous night’s incident.

I highly recommend Code Factory, it’s a fantastic experience and really gets the brain cells ticking. Whether you play with colleagues, friends or family, you will never forget the games and I bet you will return for more.

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Lot 2-05 & 06A, Second Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
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+603-7931 7077
+6014-332 8832
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