Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Hair And Scalp Concentrate


kerastase initialiste2

Early last month, Kerastase invited bloggers to Razor Edge Salon in 1 Utama for an Initialiste Advanced Hair And Scalp Concentrate treatment. This is the 1st stem cell technology hair serum which promises to impulse the growth of shinier, stronger, more resilient to breakage hair. I know about stem cell technology in skincare but this is the first time I have come across stem cell technology haircare.

Said to promote the growth of thicker and more lustrous hair, the serum is applied directly to the scalp. Our hair was washed with Elixir Ultime Shampoo and conditioned with Elixir Ultime Masque before being towel dried and Initialiste was applied section by section (it is recommended that hair be divided into 4 sections) from front to back of the scalp. Then the scalp is gently massaged.


For fine hair, 2 pipettes should be sufficient but for medium to coarse/thick hair, 4 pipettes is the recommended dosage, The serum has a fruity scent which brought to mind apples. It didn’t feel oily at all. The serum stimulates the skin around the hair follicles, improving the overall look and quality of hair.

I did receive the whole bottle from Kerastase but I haven’t used it for weeks so I can’t post a proper review, just that one time at Razor Edge as I passed my bottle to Camie so that she could film a video of her Initialiste experience, at Kerastase’s request.

Anyway, this is how my hair looked after the treatment. I’m with Yet Mee of Emmagem who was in my group during the treatment. Very sleek looking hair, as if we had just had a rebonding session.

kerastase initialiste1

Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Hair And Scalp Concentrate retails at RM180/60ml.


  1. Hi! The review for the Initialiste seems most encouraging. I have thick,mid-length hair & just started to use the serum. How long does a bottle last,would you know? I”m going to live abroad for a while & need to stock up first! Thanks.

    • Hi

      I just checked with Kerastase Malaysia and this is the reply:-

      If you are using 4 pipettes (0.5ml x 4) per day, then you would be using 2ml daily and that means you would finish the bottle within a month but if you are using it once a week, that means you’d use 8ml every month and it’d take you 7.5 months to finish a bottle. Of course it’d take you only 3.75 months to finish a bottle if you are using the serum twice weekly. For fine, limp hair, Kerastase recommends more serum to be used but for dense hair, 2ml will suffice.

      Please let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything else.

    • Hello Ms.Juniper.

      I’m so SO SORRY it took me this long to reply. I forgot to bookmark your website and just found it! SORRY AGAIN. And thank you very much for your response. It was most helpful. Thanks again!!