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I wasn’t intending to have another Giveaway till next year but I was going through my beauty stash and realised that I cannot finish using the products. It’s better to make someone’s day than to store them in some dark corner indefinitely (just kidding, there are NO dark corners here).

I’m giving away another mystery parcel to one (1) reader and if you would like to participate, please answer the following questions:-

  1. When it comes to beauty products you have not tried before, are you an impulse buyer or do you read online reviews first before buying?

2. How are you ushering in the New Year?

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page (or if you are able to follow JJ’s Instagram @junipersjournal) & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends Sunday 31st December 2017.

3. Winner will be contacted via email once result is announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected. If the winner has an Instagram account, please share the contents of the parcel and #junipersjournalgiveaway

Updated 1st Jan 2018

Winner of this Giveaway:-

Mona Nene


  1. Usually I will survey and do some readings first before purchasing any beauty products, especially for higher priced products. However, if I happen to be in any warehouse sales or there’s 50% and above discount, I tend to turn into an impulse buyer. Buy first then worry later. Good deals don’t wait for anyone! Haha!

    I would probably countdown to 2018 alone at home, as I don’t have many friends here. I’m planning to binge watch HK dramas throughout the 4 days holiday. Maybe do some shopping since now it is the sales season, but the crowd can be very scary. I’ve developed crowd phobia after half a year living in Bangkok. Humansssss are everywhere! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to a better year in 2018. I hope I can accomplish more life goals and I will work hard towards it. Happy New Year to Juniper and all readers!

  2. I’m definitely a rational consumer and I will read online reviews before making purchase, that’s how I bumped into Juniper’s Journal many years ago! When I read reviews about a product, not only that I can check whether the product is suitable for me, I also can learn the correct way or tips to use the product based on the blogger’s experience. Reviews play a significant role in influencing my final decision. I’m very happy that I have not made any regret purchases so far!

    In contrast to most of my friends who will join New Year countdown party or countdown concert, I will stay at home and celebrate 2018 with my family. We plan to welcome 2018 by having a hearty dinner together, like how we celebrated new year the past few years. Crowd and traffic congestion are not my thing, so I always try my best to shun them as much as I can. After all, what matters the most to me in my life is definitely my family.

    Wishing everyone here an awesome 2018 ahead!

  3. I think I’m a kind of laggard because I will only get interested in a particular product after everyone is commenting on how good it is (The power of social media!) I used to be a very very very careful person when purchasing a new product because I scared the quality does not worth the price haha! To be honest, my process of purchasing a new product will make you shock because it’s really a long journey! Ok well so when I’m really interested with a new product (especially makeup/skincare), I will first watch reviews from YouTube because youtube provides me with a real picture of how the product works on face and I like video more than words. If I’m still obsessed with that particular product, I will continue by reading reviews from bloggers. From there, I get detailed information about the product so that I’m pretty sure that the product is really suitable for me. After that, I will compare the price from different stores cause I want to get it at the most reasonable price hahaha! Since I always put efforts before purchasing a new product, if I had decided to buy that product but the product doesn’t suit me at the end, I will… really really sad……HAHA! An impulse buyer is definitely not referring to me cause I will feel insecure without doing homework on the new product. Hmmm perhaps I will become an impulse buyer when I’m rich in the future, but currently, it’s a NO for me as I’m still a poor student

    New year? I had spent my new year for preparing my final exam since 3 years ago. January used to be the exam month in my university, so every year, I will struggle with my final exam before and during the new year. Reading books in the hostel while looking at the fireworks from the sky through the window when the clock strikes twelve is the annual countdown activity for me. Just like previous years, the same situation will be repeated for this year too (my exam starts at 2/1 which is the next day of the new year my gosh). No countdown no celebration no gathering but it’s ok la this is my final year already ✌ I will miss my study life I guess! For the new year of 2018, I hope that I can graduate successfully (so I have to stop online and go study now) and get a good job, enjoy my life and hope that everyone around me is happy, healthy, and safe

    By the way, Happy new year everyone!

  4. Hello Juniper!

    It has been a while since I last commented on your post, 2017 is such a busy year for me that I’m very occupied with works these days.

    Usually I will read online reviews before making purchases because positive reviews from bloggers will give me more confidence in the products that I’m interested in. I have really sensitive and acne-prone skin so I’m always cautious and careful when trying new beauty products. I had bad experience that some beauty products broke my skin out because of its mineral oil ingredients. Ever since then, I will make sure that I understand the products thoroughly, read as much online reviews as possible and if possible, I will get a sample and try it before buying the full sized products. I will not buy products that have caused rashes, acne or irritation on others’ skin because it’s very likely to happen on my skin as well.

    Ah today is the last day of 2017 and I’m very happy that I don’t have to go to work today! I will stay at home and watch my all time favourite Korean drama with my mum hehe! I think this is the simplest yet best way to welcome 2018.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. Years back, I’m somehow an impulsive buyer sometimes. Easily get convinced by sales person and if there happened to be a massive cut down on price, sure I will buy without second thought. Over the year, I’ve learnt not to become so impulsive and rethink twice whether do I need the particular item before buying it. Very often, reviews were read from time to time, so that I can decide whether to put the particular product into my to try list.

    I’m spending my last day of the year by waking up without the alarm clock, preparing home cook meal, maybe finishing up my ongoing Korean drama and ending up the day with some wine and chips in house. It’s so pricey spending outside, why don’t just take our own sweet time in house, great option for our wallet.

    Wishing everyone a greater year ahead, cheers!