Isabelle Lancray EGOSTYLE Antipollution Mission Defense Crème 24H



Isabelle Lancray EGOSTYLE Antipollution Defense Crème 24H is a rich 24-hour cream which contains hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring compound which keeps skin plump, hydrated and youthful. The patented Smart Crystals® Resveratrol work in tandem with all-natural active ingredients such as brown algae and papaya extract. This synergistic combination promotes exfoliation, even skin tone and hydration. The antipollution protection shield functions as a defensive barrier against environmental pollutants such as fine dust, ozone and cigarette smoke.


Some may find the texture of this cream to be slightly thicker than they are normally accustomed to. It feels like a cream that is more suitable for a colder climate than ours but I actually find this to be quite ideal for dry/mature skin as it absorbs fast into my skin and has a long-lasting softening/hydrating effect.

The Mission Defense Crème 24H retails at RM348.00.