Hugo Boss Fragrances Launches BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED.



Inspired by the BOSS man’s determination and drive for success, BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. is the energizing new scent from HUGO BOSS Fragrances. This limited edition fragrance is inspired by the endurance required to succeed combined with the rush of adrenalin when a goal has been reached. Celebrating that exhilarating sense of energy that comes with achievement, this is the must-have scent during this exciting summer of sports.

BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. contains carefully selected and uncompromising ingredients to create a fresh and modern take on a classic masculine scent. Inspired by vibrant green notes, BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. has been created with a striking blend of refreshing mint and evergreen cistus, combined with juicy pineapple and enduring masculine woods. These unique ingredients come together to create an invigorating and aromatic male scent, underlining the BOSS man’s uncompromising drive.



At the Top – An Instant Invigorating Impression

Esteemed by men throughout the ages for its strengthening and exhilarating effects on the heart and mind, electric mint creates a highly sharpening and energizing first impression.

Found in the Heart – That Satisfying Achievement

A symbol long associated with successful quests and high-living, juicy pineapple adds a note reminiscent of the rewards that come with success and motivation to aim higher and reach for more.

The Underlying Base – The Resilient Drive for Unlimited Success

Enduring Cistus thrives in the harshest environments, growing evergreen on pure stone soil and proving that success can be achieved beyond the toughest of limitations. Paired with a strong, aromatic, woody dry down, the note radiates an assured masculine confidence.

Available only for a limited time period, BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. is the fragrance for the man looking for a scent that is confident, energizing and uncompromising. Also a perfect gift for Father’s Day, BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. telling him you think he is successful in every endeavour.


Eau de Toilette 100ml RM 312

Eau de Toilette 50ml RM 241