Garnier Launches Olia



With so many hair colour brands available these days, we often scan the shelves looking for the one which best suits our needs and many of us are on the search for hair colour that won’t damage our hair, protect and soften our hair as well as ammonia-free colour. Of course, there’s INOA but as we all know, it is expensive. Enter Garnier Olia, the drugstore alternative.

Garnier Olia has an oil-based formula which maximizes coloration within the fiber. The oil contained in Garnier Olia covers the fiber and coats its surface. The high concentration of oil boost the alkaline agent’s penetration into the fiber to enable colorants to achieve maximum coloration within the capillary fiber. This new hair colour contains a high concentration of flower oils, in particular sunflower, camellia and passion flower so it does have a distinctly floral scent which anyone will find very subtle, delicately pleasant and a sensory treat.


Its creams blend quickly and easily, creating an incredibly homogenous velvety texture. Thanks to its unique creamy texture, Garnier Olia resembles a skincare cream: rich and delicate. When it was demonstrated on a model during the launch, the cream stayed on the model’s hair and didn’t drip at all.

The developer bottle is transformed. Shaped as a drop, it fits perfectly in the hand. Aesthetic and functional, the applicator has been slimmed for a better application precision. This is the most uniquely shaped hair colour bottle I have seen, it’s almost egg-shaped and looks nicer than the conventional square bottles.


9 shades to make every woman’s heart beat faster

1 ultra-intense, vibrant reds

6 multi-reflective, rich browns

2 ultra-shiny, intense blacks

Garnier Olia retails at RM 34.90 per box/54ml tube.

COLOR SHADES:  1.0 Black, 3.0 Soft Black, 4.0 Dark Brown, 4.15 Iced Chocolate, 4.3 Golden Dark Brown, 5.25 Frosty Chestnut, 5.5 Mahogany Brown, 6.0 Light Brown, 6.6 Intense Red