Forget The Eyelash Curler When You Have This Mascara


This is the mascara that is supposed to give a lash perm that lasts 24 hours but I’m not going to put that claim to the test. I can’t imagine sleeping with any make-up on and certainly not mascara. It’s a long and quite bulky mascara which has 2 brushes – a base and the mascara.

It isn’t L’oreal’s 1st double extension mascara. I find having a 2 step mascara rather troublesome unless it really gives positive results. In this case, the 2 steps are as follows:-

Step 1 

Apply the Aquarelax System, a white protective base enriched with Ceramide, Argan and Jojoba Oil. This protective base helps to fortify and nourish lashes so they are ready to be shaped and curled in the next step.

Step 2

Apply the Water-Block Topcoat with Flex Polymer. This is the technology which apparently protects lashes from the outside so that it remains curled for 24 hours without smudging or flaking. It has a waterproof formula.

There are a lot more pros than cons with this mascara. Let’s start with the pros:-

  1. separates and defines lashes well with no clumping no matter how many times I apply.
  2. curls instantly and effortlessly.
  3. holds the curl all day despite extreme humidity.
  4. no flaking or smudging.
  5. certainly very easy to remove without any annoying flakes during removal.

These are the cons:-

  1. hardly any lengthening.
  2. even less volumizing results than lengthening.

Well, this is essentially a curling mascara and it’s really excellent in that respect so I am satisfied with it. I can always use a lengthening/volumizing mascara once I have curled my lashes with this mascara so all is not lost. It also claims to give lashes the ultimate in lash care protection for visibly longer lashes in just four weeks thanks to its renewal serum formula but I won’t be able to prove or disprove that claim either because I cannot bring myself to stick to just one mascara for four weeks.

This 6.5ml x 2 mascara retails at RM49.90.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.


  1. I used their old version of this mascara and I totally love it but this definitely didn’t do any justice for you! Its more like a lash defining mascara.