Kia Ora To All The Boys & Girls In Malaysia From Moo Moo, New Zealand’s Happiest Cow


img-20181007-wa0005Kia Ora Boys & Girls Of Malaysia,

I am Moo Moo and I live in a dairy farm called Happy Hooves in the northern city in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. I have plenty of friends in this farm, from fellow cows to sheep, cattle, dogs, chickens and even a few cats! There are more than 4 million cows in New Zealand and about 500 cows in Happy Hooves so I have plenty of company every day. There’s lots of sunshine and we graze outdoors most of the day, feeding on high quality, delicious fresh grass. That’s how we can produce high quality nutritious milk for Fernleaf.

My daily routine is fairly the same. I get milked twice a day, once at 5 am and then at 5 pm. For the rest of the time, I get to chill out and relax among the pristine, green fields and meadows. My friends and I lead a relatively leisurely life and we get to eat as much as we want. That’s the difference between cows like us and others who are kept in the barn all day. We are grass-fed dairy cows who get to graze outdoors freely. All this with fresh air and water, that’s what makes us produce milk naturally without any form of milk booster.

In such beautiful surroundings, how could I not be the happiest cow in New Zealand? By spending 90% of my time grazing grass freely on sunny days (and there are so many sunny days here), I receive a healthy dose of vitamin D. In fact, the cows here produce milk with typically higher levels of vitamin D as compared to other dairy cows that are often confined indoors (poor things!).

img-20181007-wa0015After I get milked in the morning, I go for a walk (actually it is more of a stroll) with a few hundred or so of my fellow cow friends. The air here is so fresh that none of us have any sinus problems. You should all come and visit us some time and I will take you around this farm which I hope will be my forever home as I love it so much here.

The farmers at Happy Hooves are the best. They leave us alone to do our own thing after they have milked us. You can rest assured that the farmers leave nothing to chance as far as safety and sterilisation of equipment is concerned. They take much pride in their work, ensuring the highest quality at every stage of milk production – from clean water, premium quality grass all the way up to the finished product so that you, boys and girls of Malaysia, get the best milk from Fernleaf every day.

img-20181007-wa0009It’s been a long day out in the meadows and it’s time to head back to the farm for the second round of milking. Fernleaf is 100% milk from New Zealand and 100% Mmmmm! Come visit me soon!

Your good friend,

Moo Moo