Etude House RD302 Lipstick In The Popular Flamingo Case


dsc_0445So this flamingo lipstick case is apparently their bestseller and I did notice most people getting this one during my one hour at Etude House Sunway Pyramid a few weeks ago. If this one wasn’t available, my second choice would have been the one with dinosaurs. There were not that many shades left for my selection and I had to settle for RD302. I know that red lipstick shades produced by Korean beauty brands is never the strong, vibrant reds you get from brands like MAC or Urban Decay. Theirs is softer and much more acceptable for day looks.

dsc_0443dsc_0446dsc_0444The lipstick texture is creamy and glides on lips like butter. The person who did the engraving had advised me not to keep the lipstick in warm areas as it can melt and it should also not be kept next to other objects otherwise I will risk the engraving being affected. So far I have kept the lipstick in the box as I really don’t want to risk the engraving fading away.

It feels hydrating but it isn’t at all long-lasting. I can feel it fading within an hour. It isn’t a lipstick you want to wear if you want to not re-apply (even if you aren’t having a meal) or maybe you do want to whip it out of the handbag and re-apply whenever, wherever just because the case is so cute and bound to get a few glances from women who have not visited Etude House.

Well if you do misplace the lipstick in your office, anyone would know who it belongs to since it has the engraving. It’s nice to have a personalised lipstick so even if it isn’t as long-lasting as most of my other lipsticks, it’s a small price to pay for having such a customised lipstick.