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Lobby/reception area

Open since May 2012, Estuary Medispa & Esthetics is the first flagship holistic beauty & wellness center launched under the Estuary brand. This is one of the most spacious spas I have set foot in as the spa spans 11,000 sq. ft. over 2 floors and takes up 5 shoplots on the 2nd Floor of Scott Garden. This is the ideal spa to unwind with a group of friends or colleagues.

Estuary Medispa places an emphasis and importance on customers’ comfort which is why all the spaces are so unconfined. The manicure area is so well designed, you have to see it to believe it. The image of the manicure area doesn’t do it much justice. You will have to look at it IRL to see what I mean. On my first visit there last week, I was given a tour of the entire spa. I could peek into all the rooms and rest areas. 

Men and women are welcome at Estuary but of course, ladies get maximum privacy. Estuary Medispa’s staff have a minimum of 6 years’ experience, whether they are massage therapists or beauticians. You will find an amazingly wide array of spa and facial treatments there. Spa treatments can be customised to suit one’s preference, needs and budget.

Let’s have a look at what Estuary Medispa offers.

Japanese Ganbanyoku Sauna

Japanese hot stone sauna or “Ganbanyoku”

Spa & Massage Therapy Series

One of the most popular spa treatments at Estuary Medispa is the Rejuvenation Spa Therapy which starts with body exfoliation followed by thermal bath, full body massage and Japanese synergy sauna. Estuary Medispa offers several distinctive bio organic body exfoliation ingredients made either from lemon, nut tree, aromatic salt or sugar to achieve various desired results.

To nourish the skin, thermal bath is enriched with milk proteins and essential nutrients to moisturize and soften the skin resulting in smooth and supple skin. Customers may opt for additional body treatments using all natural ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, red wine or fruits-based concoction for intensive moisturisation, nourishment and promoting healthy looking skin. 

Japanese synergy sauna is one of Estuary Medispa’s signature treatments also known as Japanese hot stone sauna or ‘Ganbanyoku’ which naturally releases far infrared rays and negative ions to help improve metabolism, detoxification and circulatory system while soothing the tired body.

Luxury VIP therapy room

VIP therapy room

Another spa treatment is the Relaxation Therapy that includes Japanese synergy sauna, full body aromatherapy massage and ear candling. I’ve tried ear candling before and it’s quite interesting as a long, cylindrical candle is inserted into the ear and lighted. Heat from the candle helps to draw out excess ear wax and other debris in the ear canal. Regular ear candling can help to relieve sinus pain and pressure. Other types of traditional and holistic massages are lomi-lomi, hot stone, bamboo and ayurveda.


icoone® body sculpting therapy

icoone® Beauty & Wellness Programme

Estuary Medispa has invested substantially by becoming the first in Malaysia to offer revolutionary icoone® technology for both body and face. icoone® represents the next generation of non-invasive aesthetic treatment similar to a multi-dimensional therapeutic massage.

Said to be the only device in the world that can generate multi-micro stimulation up to 1180 micro stimulation for each dm second and using its integrated Roboderm technology, icoone® deploys precise and profound stimulation on every millimeter of skin and offers up to 36 highly customized treatment programmes. It addresses common problems such as cellulite, localized fat deposits, loose or sagging skin, stretch marks, wrinkles, lymphoederma, tissue fibrosis and muscle stiffness without any damage to skin tissue.

Leveraging on icoone®’s cutting-edge technology, Estuary Medispa has rceently launched two beauty and wellness programs – anti-aging facial spa therapy and body sculpting therapy. The Anti-Aging Facial Spa Therapy is for those who seek an effective treatment for youthful and healthy-looking skin while the Body Sculpting Therapy addresses loose skin problems, sagging inner thighs and inner arms, stretch marks and scars. The icoone Body Sculpting Therapy is combined with Japanese sauna ‘Ganbanyoku’ to promote detoxification and metabolism for best results.

Facial Spa Therapy Series

For their facials, Estuary Medispa uses the high quality bio-organic skincare range “Cosmocell Soin de Suisse”, developed and manufactured in a modern Swiss laboratory. Bio Organic Cell Extract Facial Spa is a relaxing facial spa therapy well-suited for all skin types. Other equally popular facial spa therapies are Absolute Stem Cell Facial Spa, Caviar DNA Cellular Facial Spa and Bio Polar Ultra Lifting Facial Spa.

Advanced Aesthetics Treatments

Now this is an interesting treatment, I have read about this but never knew that it was available here. Gold Thread Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses an ultra purifed, 99.99% pure gold thread of o.1mm diameter manufactured with strict compliance under the European and US Health authorities’ regulations including US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA). This treatment is administered by a qualified aesthetician from the US and involves the implantation of refined gold thread into the sub-dermal facial skin using a minimally invasive procedure. The benefits of this treatment include boosting natural collagen regeneration and fibroblasts to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. I’m told that this anti-aging treatment has long-lasting benefits as unlike Botox and dermal fillers, this treatment’s benefits last between 5 to 10 years.

V_Herbal Treatment for ladies

V-Herbal Treatment

Exclusive Ladies Treatment

V-Herbal Treatment is also referred to as vaginal steam therapy for overall female health and well-being maintenance. This is one of the highly recommended treatments for ladies as the benefits include regulation of menstrual cycle, relieving menstrual cramps, reducing hemorrhoids and stress alleviation. Estuary Medispa also offers Pro Spa Pregnancy Treatment ideal for pregnant ladies during their 2nd and 3rd trimesters, it focuses on relaxing massage techniques with unscented essential oil to relieve any unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy such as swelling, bloating, back pain and stress.

OPI Nail Bar

O.P.I. Nail Bar

Nail Care Treatments

There’s a dedicated nail bar on the 2nd Floor of Estuary Medispa and it’s the most fabulous looking nail spa I have seen! You sit on elevated seats and can soak your feet in sinks. I wanted to clamber on to one of the seats just so I feel as if I was sitting on a throne 😎

Choose from comprehensive nail treatments and products of the world’s No. 1 nail polish brand, O.P.I. From classics to spa manicure and pedicure to other nail enhancements such as sparkling gel, 3D gel and French gel extensions.

2nd_Floor_Relaxation Lounge

2nd Floor relaxation lounge

If you are planning an event such as a product launch and looking for a spa with space, Estuary Medispa has an area next to the nail spa that can accommodate 20-30 pax. Estuary Medispa can arrange for catering from the F & B outlets at Scott Garden. Venue rental is RM1,000 but it’s free with total Estuary treatments of RM3,000 and above.

Gold Membership Card

Gold Membership Card

If you are looking for something different to reward your staff or clients, Estuary Medispa offers a series of Gift Card, Cash Card and Gold Membership Card in various denominations. The Gold Membership Card comes in a minimum RM2,000 denomination and is good for multiple uses. It can be used for any on-going promotions and special offers. Other than the Gold Membership Card, you can also purchase Cash Gift Cards which come in RM100, RM200, RM500 & RM1,000 denominations but this is for single use.

Location Map

Estuary Medispa & Esthetics (opens daily 10am-8.30pm) is located at S-2-23. The Scott Garden (Level 2), No, 289 Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-7983 8998.

All images courtesy of Estuary Medispa & Esthetics.


  1. Looks nice, what is the price range for body treatments and facials ? From the look of it, should be expensive if compare to treatments at Clarins, at around RM250 which already is expensive for me to enjoy.

    • Checked with Estuary re your enquiry. Estuary is now offering *special “1st Trial” promotions* in conjunction with its 1st Anniversary Celebration:-

      1) Icoone Reverse-Aging Facial Therapy (1 hour @ RM120 only) – SAVES 65%, Actual value RM360

      2) Bio Cell Intensive Facial Therapy (1 hour @ RM120 only) – SAVES 45%, Actual value RM220

      3) Relaxing Massage* for 2 PERSONS* (1 hour @ RM120 only) – SAVES 25%, Actual value RM160

      4) Refreshing Spa Treatment* for 2 PERSONS* inclusive full body massage + body scrub + milk spa + wrap (1.5 hour @ RM237) – SAVES 25%, Actual value RM316

      5) O.P.I. Manicure & Pedicure Nail Spa (1 hour @ RM60) – SAVES 25%, Actual value RM80