Biotherm Homme Total Perfector



There are 3 main skincare issues for men and these are:-

1. Roughness – Characterized as marks, lines and texture irregularities.

2. Uneven Skin Tone – Redness, color irregularities, dullness contribute to an uneven skin tone.

3. Visible Pores – Open/dilated pores.

In 2013, Biotherm Homme, the number one selective men’s skincare brand, delivers its first skin quality optimizer for men. This skin quality fresh gel-cream tackles the 3 unaddressed skin issues set out above affecting men of all ages, of all skin types.

Total Perfector opens a new skincare category for men who require more than basic moisturizer but who aren’t ready for anti-aging solutions – with a product focused specifically on skin quality. Likewise eschewing traditional skin type classifications, TOTAL PERFECTOR is expressly formulated to work on all male skin types to address the skincare issues of the everyman.

Great skin is within reach of all men, whatever their age or skin type. A one-step skincare solution for every man, TOTAL PERFECTOR instantly leaves skin hydrated and smooth. After 4 weeks, skin tone is more even and pores are less visible. TOTAL PERFECTOR is recommended to be used on a cleansed skin as an all-in-one premium hydration formula, or as a top coat finisher after other targeted skincare.

Biotherm Homme TOTAL PERFECTOR retails at RM190/40ml.