Estee Lauder Companies Sale 2018 : Fragrances


dsc_1645One of the best things about a beauty sale like Estee Lauder Companies Sale 2018 today is that one can look for fragrances at very discounted prices. Now we all know how expensive fragrances are nowadays and we must all agree that fragrances make the most wonderful gifts. There were many fragrance sets available at this sale and they included DKNY, Michael Kors, Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger at prices more than 50% off normal retail.

dsc_1653dsc_1650 dsc_1652 dsc_1648 dsc_1713I was too late to check out the individual Estee Lauder fragrances as I only did so after visiting MAC and Bobbi Brown. Within 10-15 minutes of my entering the Ballroom, the Estee Lauder fragrance bottles had sold out leaving only sets. That’s why you have to make a beeline for whatever you have your sights on.


  1. Thanks for sharing the invitation with me. I manage to get most of things i wanted even though i went around 10 am because i wanted to avoid the crowd.

  2. Not many people. I manage to get Estee Lauder skincare and makeup. Bought few Estee Lauder Modern Muse + Sculpted Lipstick set which cost RM30 for my nieces .