Doll Hair Salon Plaza OUG Where You Can Even Buy The Dolls


dsc_2474When I walked past Doll Hair Salon Plaza OUG before they opened on 2nd August (yes, it was just yesterday) I was wondering whether it was a hair salon or a doll shop as there were shelves lined with all sorts of soft toys. The owner must really love those dolls to display them so lovingly. So I went to enquire within yesterday afternoon and the owner of the salon, Yuki informed me that this is the first time she has opened a salon after working for years at other salons. I promptly made an appointment for a hair colour today & was looking forward to asking her about those little dolls.

Turns out she has 600 dolls, all given by her now husband, when he proposed. They just got married in June this year and she is already expecting! I told her that when a man spends so much on hundreds of dolls, how can she reject him? However, she is a pragmatist and informed me that any of those dolls on the shelves are for sale @ RM15. No sentimentality there.

dsc_2478I could choose any of the fashion colours available and not have to bleach my hair saving me money and more unnecessary damage to my hair. I was mulling between blue and green. I chose the more sedate blue in the end as I am not that adventurous yet. After applying the blue to my hair for 20 minutes, it was washed off and Yuki covered my greys with another shade. I was complaining to her that my last colour didn’t cover my greys adequately and I was feeling a bit down whenever I saw those greys sticking out. Not feeling happy about your hair can seriously jeopardise your mood.

dsc_2475dsc_2484There are two seats that can be cordoned off from the rest of the salon with a curtain so ladies wearing the tudung can rest assured. Complete privacy here. The hair wash area can also be closed off with a curtain. There aren’t that many hair salons offering this kind of facility. Some salons even charge for the price of privacy.

dsc_2477I had a hair treatment with my own hair mask but my hair still didn’t feel that soft so Yuki sprayed some of the above Revolumising Argan Spray on my hair and it felt much softer. Yuki’s charges are reasonable and here are her opening promotions.

dsc_2483As for my hair colour, I love it and will go back to see Yuki whenever I need a touch-up.

dsc_2486dsc_2467By the way, for every hair service at Doll Hair Salon, you get a chop on a card. Once you get 10 chops, you can redeem for a complimentary hair cut. You even get a chop for a hair wash and blow which is just RM20.