Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018 Features Wide Range Of Products And Food


dsc_2463Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018, jointly organised by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce Thailand (DTP), HeroMarket and HPG Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd is taking place at all Hero Market stores from now till 5 August 2018. The festival was launched yesterday at Berjaya Times Square where a lot of Thai products and food are available.

“Sabai Sabai” literally translates to being happy, relaxed or comfortable, the term perfectly embodies Thai culture and lifestyle. The festival takes on this theme. There will be special priced offers for the selected Thai products at hero Market stores.

dsc_2452dsc_2451dsc_2448dsc_2450During the festival, a range of new products will be launched in Malaysia and these include fruit snacks from J Fruit, famous Thai confectionery brand, HACKS as well as beverages from international brands produced in Thailand.

dsc_2455dsc_2454At Berjaya Times Square, adults and kids can try their hand at fruit carving. I spoke to the lovely Thai lady who will teach you how to carve carrots for a small fee of RM5. She speaks fluent English and is really friendly. She told me something interesting – children in Thai schools learn fruit carving so I guess just about every Thai person is quite an expert in fruit carving. She said that carving watermelons and honeydew is hardest so start with carrots, pumpkins and papayas!