Diorshow Mono Fusion Mirror



It’s easy to get jaded when there are so many new beauty collections this holiday season. I mean, one eyeshadow palette blurs into the next and it’s like I have seen it all before with slight variations but suddenly I saw Diorshow Mono Fusion Mirror and I couldn’t take my mind off it despite going off for lunch and having a cooling off period. It didn’t work, I had to have this little pot of gold otherwise I might have insomnia that night.

A little bit like MAC’s Big Bounce Shadows but not exactly the same,  Diorshow Mono Fusion’s unique cushiony gel-foam texture brightens the eyes with faceted, long-lasting colour and a weightless finish.

Apply two ways for two different effects:

Soft fusion: applied with the fingertips, the texture blends into the skin for a weightless finish and subtly shimmering result.

Bold fusion: using the smudging applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure and extreme colour.

Pro tips: dampen the applicator slightly for a spectacular lamé effect.


Just look at that golden sheen, wouldn’t you fall in love with it too? It’s not over-the-top shimmer and it most certainly isn’t glitter. I knew it’d add that extra dimension to any shade of powder eyeshadow, I really really needed this, so I told myself over lunch at a fried chicken restaurant!


Apply Diorshow Mono Fusion Mirror on the inner corner of the eye for that subtle sparkle, oh là là!


Alternatively or in addition, apply Diorshow Mono Fusion Mirror on cheekbones with a flat foundation brush to enhance and draw attention to cheeks!

So chic and the best thing is, this doesn’t cost as much as I thought it would. It’s a whopping 6.5g at RM112. Now that is worth it especially for something so useful which will bring out the best in whatever shadows you are using.