Desserts That Taste Even Better Than They Look @ Naj & Belle

Naj & Belle SS15 Courtyard

After our dinner at a hokkien mee restaurant opposite SS15 Courtyard, we adjourned into Courtyard seeking dessert @ The Birdland & Fat Cow, a Japanese inspired robatayaki steak house. The manager (I assume he was the manager) recommended the cafe next door, Naj & Belle which had plenty of cakes and other dessert items on the menu.

The delicious watermelon cake, Naj & Belle’s signature cake
A slice of tiramisu
Exotic Meringue
Hazelnut Poppyseed
Date Night
One Sweet Mess

While I had to have the watermelon cake because watermelon is my favourite fruit and I have never seen anyone else offer watermelon cake, the guys ordered One Sweet Mess from the menu. One Sweet Mess came beautifully presented in a pan and is so incredibly colourful. It is from the All Day Breakfast section of the menu and comprises banana hot cake with strawberries, blueberry, pistachio, burnt butterscotch and vanilla bean ice cream.

The watermelon between the 2 layers of cream tasted absolutely wonderful, cool and most importantly, not that sweet for me. I only took a small bite of One Sweet Mess as I was so full from dinner. However, I can say all the components must have come together perfectly as the guys who were sharing this kept saying “It’s so good” with every bite! Yes, they really said the same thing every time they took a portion.