Dazzled By Wham


Unless I have to review a lipstick/lip gloss urgently, I prefer to use one lip product at a time so that I can finish with one and throw it away. My current favourite lipstick is MAC’s Wham lipstick which was from last year’s Dazzle range of lipsticks. I thought I’d better finish with this one before it becomes 2 years old in 2012.

I don’t like sheer lipsticks which is why I usually go for MAC lipsticks which produce intense colours with one application. Wham can be described as a red-brown with glitter. Personally, I find it a beautiful autumn shade.

Although this one has glittery bits, it goes on really smoothly and doesn’t feel gritty. I might have to wait quite a bit for it to make a comeback though unless it emerges again in some upcoming collection next year.

It does have above average staying power but leaves marks on cup rims. I obtained this lipstick via redemption of 6 empty containers. MAC lipsticks are 3g/RM68.