Clarins Friends & Family Sale


dsc_0017Out of curiosity more than anything else, I hopped over to Banker’s Club at AMODA this morning for the Clarins Friends & Family Sale. I used to go for this sale but I believe they didn’t have it for the past few years. This year’s sale adopts the same method of shopping as their previous sales in that a piece of paper on which all the products and prices are listed and you write down the quantity of products you want. Then you proceed to an outer room where you are passed your order to take to the cashier.

Unlike the previous years’ Clarins sales though, this one was a lot smaller. I was a bit taken aback by how little was on offer compared to those earlier years. Of course there was absolutely no make-up since they have focused on their skincare and bodycare a lot more in recent years.


dsc_0015There are some men’s skincare available. If you want value-for-money (who doesn’t?) then check out their Best Buy Sets such as the WP Day SPF20 & Night Cream Set @ RM230, WP Day Emulsion & Night Cream Set @ RM200, Cleansing Premium O/C @ RM120, Body Slimming Set @ RM190. The previous version of the Double Serum is available at RM200 (well I am guessing it is the previous version since they cannot possibly be selling the new and improved version at that price!).