Blume Beauty Hair For Keratin Regeneration Cream


dsc_3068Among my little accumulation of hair masks are a few 500ml tubs which take ages to finish. Haven’t finished one yet since I switch around every time I wash my hair. I bought Blume Beauty Hair For Keratin Regeneration Cream from a hair product supplies shop in the neighbourhood last year. Actually that was about six months ago.

dsc_3069When I opened the tub, I was captivated by the scent. It was strong and floral despite the somewhat muddy appearance of the mask. It looks like charcoal but I don’t think there is any charcoal in it. It is rather concentrated so you need just a dollop especially if you have short hair like me.

I leave it on for at least half an hour, what’s the point of using a hair mask if not left on for as long as possible. It does render my less-than-lustrous hair soft and manageable. Best thing about this mask is the scent, very pleasant and has an aromatherapy effect.