Shopee Sees 14% Increase in Demand For Sustainable Household Products

Shop Green with Shopee
Shop Green with Shopee
Shop Green with Shopee

Shopee is spotlighting more local and sustainable sellers to offer the best value for eco-friendly products to meet demand as more Malaysians become increasingly environmentally conscious. According to Shopee’s data trends¹, users are searching for more eco-friendly household products such as solar lights, solar panels, and inverter air conditioners, with keyword searches higher by 14% between 1 January to 25 July 2022 compared to the six months prior.

Users want to trust that what they buy is sustainable and beneficial for long-term use. By introducing Shop Green with Shopee, users can reach out to more eco-friendly sellers, learn more about sustainable living and habits, and inspire others to take action for the environment.

The surge in demand for eco-friendly alternatives reflects Malaysians’ greater awareness and desire for sustainable living. During the first half of 2022 versus the second half of 2021, Shopee sellers saw demand increase for biodegradable items that help the environment like reusable bags and biodegradable plates (19%) and personal hygiene items such as natural deodorant, shampoos, and body soaps (33%).

Malaysian consumers’ desire to lead a sustainable lifestyle has created new market opportunities for local sellers, particularly in the wellness, cosmetics, and personal care industries. Shop Green with Shopee will enable sellers offering eco-friendly products to gain higher visibility and greater brand awareness.

Ivor Lim Xian Z and Chow Hoi Meng, Founders of HYGB
Ivor Lim Xian Z and Chew Hoi Meng, Founders of HYGR

Huiyan Pan, Head of Brand Marketing at Shopee Malaysia said: “Living sustainably means making greener choices today that will positively impact the environment tomorrow. While we see consistent and healthy demand for eco-friendly products in Malaysia, we will continue to work closely with sellers to offer users more affordable and responsible products.”

“Shop Green with Shopee is one way we are connecting users to sellers who have clearly stated their commitment towards environmental sustainability, identified as recycled or reusable materials, and are made locally in the spirit of minimizing carbon footprints.”

Shopee has an array of local eco-friendly sellers and product types spanning categories such as cosmetics and grooming, beauty and fashion, and household, among others. Products from brands include but are not limited to HYGR, The Hive, Minus Zero Waste, PYNGzerowaste, and Green Eco Paradise.

The local and popular eco-friendly seller, HYGR, shared the following perspective for being part of Shopee.

”With all the toxic chemicals found in products, the importance of eco-friendly products has never been crucial. We hope more Malaysians will spread awareness and educate one another on sustainable living. With Shopee as one of our partners, we can expand our customer base and encourage the community to go green.” said Ivor Lim Xian Z and Chew Hoi Meng, Founders of HYGR.

As more users continue to seek sustainable alternatives, Shopee will support eco-friendly sellers and their innovations that allow users to reduce environmental impact. Shopee hopes to connect users with more brand choices with a social impact mission and lean towards a more sustainable direction.

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