Alpro Foundation Seeks To Support 60 More Tube Feeding Patients Extending Lifelines Through Sponsorship Programme


Alpro Foundation, the dedicated CSR arm of Alpro Pharmacy, invites tube-feeding patients or their family members to reach out and get support through sponsored nutritional support product.

“Since we started this sponsorship programme in 2019, and we have now supported over 250 patients. Collectively, we have helped patients’ families save about RM6.13 million on oral nutritional support. Thanks to the continuous support of Alpro Pharmacy’s customers, we are currently looking to support another 60 tube feeding patients from any part of Malaysia,” said Ostwin Paw, Chief Executive Officer of Alpro Foundation.

The cost of sustaining a bed-ridden, tube-feeding patient range between RM2,500 to RM3,000 a month, and just nutritional support alone costs from RM1,000 to RM1,600. This is not something every family can afford, especially the lower income group.

The cornerstone of this initiative is Metabolic Basic, an affordable oral nutritional support product formulated by Alpro’s nutritionists and dietitians. They work alongside the manufacturing partner to ensure its functionality while also reducing unnecessary packaging materials to lower costs.

The Metabolic Basic Sponsorship Programme is funded through sales of Metabolic Basic itself. For every packet purchased at Alpro Pharmacy, one is donated to the Alpro Foundation, ensuring a continuous cycle of support for patients in need.

Alpro Foundation invites members of the community in need to apply for assistance through the Sponsorship Programme. Interested parties can visit any Alpro Pharmacy outlet to apply. All documents, including the patient’s most recent medical report, patient’s identification, existing expenses records, and applicant’s income declaration, will be reviewed within 7 working days of submission.

For more information about the programme, please contact 019-3881923 or visit