South Korea’s Ediya Coffee Gears Up For Grand Entry Into Malaysia


South Korea’s leading homegrown coffee brand Ediya Coffee has signed the Malaysia Master Franchise agreement with its Malaysian franchise, marking its official entry in the market.

Taking place at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel, the signing ceremony was officiated by Ediya Coffee chairman Moon Chang-ki and its Malaysia chief executive officer Mohd Hafiz Abdul Rahim, in the presence of notable attendees including Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF) political secretary YBHG.Muhammad Kamil Abdul Munim, Halal Development Corporation Berhad chairman YBRS.Khairul Azwan Harun and Ediya Coffee chief executive officer Kim Sang-soo.

The concluded agreement carved yet another key milestone in Ediya Coffee’s journey spanning more than two decades in the roastery industry, which began in Seoul in 2001.

The name ‘Ediya’ was inspired by its namesake, an Ethiopian tribe, and it also signifies the continent’s only emperor.

Moon Chang-ki highlighted that Ediya Coffee is more than just a generic coffee brand, and they have taken the business’s commitment up a few notches along the course via the establishment of Ediya Coffee Research Institute in 2010, followed by Ediya Coffee Dream Factory and Ediya Coffee Dream Logistics Centre in 2020.  

“Coffee is a complex beverage for its journey, from seed to cup, involving various elements such as bean types, processing methods, roasting styles, and brewing approaches. 

“Our research institution gathers coffee connoisseurs to explore the fine elements and techniques to perfect each cuppa for our customers,” he said.

“Malaysia, being the third highest coffee consumption in the Asia-Pacific, offers tremendous business opportunities for Ediya Coffee,” Mohd Hafiz stated. 

“We have been keen to bring Ediya Coffee to Malaysia because of its proven track records and unwavering commitment to stakeholders including business associates, customers and franchises, as well as the values of honesty and trust which we share and strongly uphold.

“This initiative also holds paramount significance for Malaysians.  It promises at least 2,000 job opportunities along with nationwide business expansion, targeting with Klang Valley in Q4 2024,” he added.

They aim to foster entrepreneurship by nurturing 200 local entrepreneurs as Ediya Coffee’s business partners by equipping them with necessary knowledge, training, resources, and support to succeed in the industry, thereby boosting the economic growth and driving local business development.  

Through these efforts, Ediya Coffee aims to play a pivotal role in empowering individuals and strengthening the Malaysian economy.

Business strategies are also in the pipeline to extend the reach of Ediya Coffee by 200 local outlets within the next five years. 

Mohd Hafiz emphasised the importance of an efficient supply chain model, from sourcing fine coffee beans to cutlery to on-time deliveries for the business success and sustainability.  Hence, they will collaborate with local major supply chain and warehouse players in the industry to facilitate Ediya Coffee debut and transform it into a competitive coffee brand in the local coffeescape.

When asked about the plan to appeal to the local consumers, he explained, “Malaysia’s dynamic market with diverse cultures requires us to keep up with the evolving coffee trend to cater to the burgeoning coffee community.” 

“Business is essentially and ultimately driven by customer satisfaction and sustainability.  Therefore, it is necessary for us to expand Ediya Coffee’s portfolio by fulfilling the local taste and aspirations of our multi-racial consumers across diverse income levels and lifestyles. 

“We will adopt a multi-dimensional approach to accommodate wider consumer requirements through ‘Malaysianalised’ products, ensuring that Ediya Coffee maintains its identity while adapting to the local environment,” he further explained.

In alignment with global sustainability trends and to reinforce their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance, Ediya Coffee is dedicated to implementing several sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

These include environmental initiatives like sustainable sourcing and waste reduction in the business operations, social initiatives such as job creation and support for entrepreneurs, and governance initiatives focusing on transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement.

Ediya Coffee recognises the importance of integrating ESG principles into the core business strategy.  By focusing on sustainable practices, social responsibility, and robust governance, they aim to create long-term value for stakeholders while contributing to a sustainable future.

“We are committed to making a positive impact in Malaysia through our sustainability and CSR initiatives.  We believe that by integrating ESG principles into our operations, we can drive meaningful change and set a benchmark for responsible business practices in the coffee industry,” Mohd Hafiz emphasised.

Ediya Coffee has long-term goals and a clear vision for its presence in Malaysia.  Its primary objective is to set a strong foothold in this “fertile ground” for growth and by becoming a leading coffee brand recognised for quality, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

They also target to spread their footprints by leveraging the country’s strategic position and its vibrant halal market to other halal markets worldwide.  By adhering to stringent halal standards and ensuring fine quality products, they aim to entice international consumers that value halal-certified offerings. 

Ediya Coffee’s vision is to create lasting impacts wherever it operates, supporting local economies, fostering entrepreneurship, and contributing to the wellbeing of communities. Both of Moon and Mohd Hafiz exchanged views that by staying true to their core values and continuously innovating, Ediya Coffee is poised to achieve sustained growth and make a meaningful difference in the global coffee industry.