ENCORE MELAKA Unveils Spectacular New Season Of Experiential Cultural Extravaganza: Tickets Now Available

ENCORE MELAKA unveils its incredible stage design, featuring distinct platforms, cutting-edge technology, and artistic brilliance
Left to right: Alan Tan, Theatre Director; Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon, Founder; Lei Peng, Deputy General Manager; and Wang Yong Chao, Artistic Director, at the press conference marking the start of the highly anticipated new season on July 7th, 2024

ENCORE MELAKA officially announced that the much-anticipated ENCORE MELAKA performance will reopen on 7 July 2024, at a press conference held at its theatre. The forthcoming season promises an enthralling array of performances that combine history and modernity, technology and art into a magnificentshowcase of lights and sound.

ENCORE MELAKA is renowned for its grand performance that integrates music, dance, drama, and multimedia technology and has been well acclaimed since its debut. The immersive performance not only features the iconic scenes from the previous season but also incorporates new innovative elements that better illustrate the rich and touching stories of Melaka. This 70-minute feast uses creative technology to narrate the 700-year history and changes of Melaka, how it embraces ethnic diversity and impacts the lives of its people. The new season aims to bring audiences a moving experience that touches their hearts.

ENCORE MELAKA unveils its incredible stage design, featuring distinct platforms, cutting-edge technology, and artistic brilliance
ENCORE MELAKA’s stage design features the use of real water, creating a mesmerising scene that blends fluid motion

To commensurate the top-notch production, the theatre is equipped with the latest stage technology including brand-new lighting and audio & sound systems. The theatre boasts a 360° rotating auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,800, a 240m-long stage, over 1,000 water sprinklers at its water & mist stage, and six lifting platforms that ascend up to 6 meters, facilitating dynamic and seamless scene transitions. In the meantime, the persona of the characters has also been adjusted and enriched, so that it resonates with the audience today. As for the cast, new faces join the outstanding talents from the previous season, together, their performances add vitality and variety. During the press conference, teaser performances were showcased, adding further anticipation and excitement for the official opening. Additionally, to promote the local culture, the ENCORE MELAKA team has specially added elements that reflect the historical and cultural heritage of Melaka, allowing the audience to better understand the rich historical background of the city while enjoying the artistic performance.

ENCORE MELAKA’s stage showcases intricate prop houses made of yarn, embodying a traditional concept
ENCORE MELAKA showcases captivating performances that seamlessly weave together the rich tapestry of Melaka’s history with modern touches and state-of-the-art technology

Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon, Founder of ENCORE MELAKA, said : “The idea of building this grand theatre started with a letter and the Belt & Road initiative. It is a national project that has received its blessings from Malaysia’s Prime Minister and China’s President, during his excellency’s visit to Malaysia in 2013. It is recognised by the Ministry of Tourism as a key project under the national key Economic Areas (NKEA) and serves as an important cultural exchange platform between Malaysia, China and the rest of the world.

In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, Yong Tai Bhd collaborated with Sichuan Tourism Investment Group (STIG) to promote cultural tourism, manage and operate the theatre.

We are excited about the official opening of the new season, and we hope to collaborate with more people to promote the art and cultural development of ENCORE MELAKA.

Tickets for the return of ENCORE MELAKA are now available at its official website and authorized ticketing channels. ENCORE MELAKA is eager to welcome back audience at its theatre to witness the brand-new art & cultural journey of ENCORE MELAKA.

Show Synopsis :

  1. PARAMESWARA: The legendary tale of Melaka’s inception in 1400 when Prince
    Parameswara, inspired by the valor of a mousedeer, decided to establish his kingdom.
  2. CHENG HO: The arrival of the esteemed Cheng Ho and his fleet in 1405, heralding the
    dawn of the Baba Nyonya heritage.
  3. NYONYA & WEDDING: An opulent depiction of a traditional wedding in 1880, replete
    with ancestral practices and vibrant cultural dances.
  4. SIX MOTHERS: The poignant story of an old man nurtured by six mothers, epitomizing
    unity, acceptance, and timeless love.
  5. PREGNANT WOMEN: A tribute to the resilience of those who endured wartime
    hardships, symbolizing Melaka’s renaissance.
  6. WAU: A homage to the traditional craftsmen and the unique cultural tapestry that
    defines contemporary Melaka.
  7. FINALE: A modern storytelling masterpiece, featuring 200 local performing artists on
    stage, embodying the authenticity and grandeur of Melaka’s heritage.

Show Date & Time:

From 7 July 2024

  • Monday to Saturday at 5.30pm and 8.30pm
  • Sunday at 2.30pm and 5.30pm
  • No shows on Wednesday

Ticket Price:


  • Adult – RM78/pax
  • Concessions for Seniors (60 & Above), Children (Below 12), Disabled RM48/pax


  • RM158/pax

Ticketing Information:

Website: https://encore-melaka.com/

Box Office: +606-270 7777/+6012-6507010

Events, Sales & Marketing: +606-270 7799/+60179026010