A Riot Of Colours From MAC’s Flighty Collection



16 mousse eyeshadows in twice as many colours as the rainbow form the centrepiece of MAC’s latest Flight Collection (latest in Malaysia anyway since we haven’t sighted the “Surf Baby”Collection yet but not long to go, fans of MAC).

Other than the Big Bounce shadows (as they are called), there are also 4 Zoom Coloured Mascaras & 242 Shader Brush. The products are for people who love colour, they are bold and brash. Among the Big Bounce shadows though are a few highlighter shades which are just as beautiful as the brighter colours.

L to R – Spread The Wealth, Free As Air, Trophy

When I first laid eyes on the Big Bounce shadows, I was really taken by a few colours which I thought were outstanding. Two of the colours are in the pic above, Spread The Wealth (described as “dirty olive with gold pearl”) and “Free As Air” (described as “sky blue with silver pearl”). I like Trophy (described as “soft peach with pearl”) because it can be paired with so many neutral shades of powder eyeshadows. I love the names as the shadows as almost all of them have connotations to moolah!

I’m probably not the first to say that the Big Bounce shadows are not the easiest to use especially for those of us used to powder eyeshadows. Although it can be applied by fingers with light, dabbing movements without any pressure, you might find application to be uneven or worse, looking patchy (see pic below where Free As Air was applied).

Nevertheless, once powder eyeshadows or in this case, my newly acquired Inglot pigments were applied over Free As Air Big Bounce shadow, the result is flawless. It intensifies the colour of whatever eye product applied over the Big Bounce shadow and I love how the pigments adhere easily to Big Bounce. Using Big Bounce shadows under pigments will help to prevent fall-outs especially for oily skins.

Big Bounce shadows are described as having a mousse or even gel texture. Just a small tiny amount is required, use as little as possible first as you can always layer on once the first layer is dry. I’ve found that using a brush brings about much better results and if you have 195 or 242 brush, these are the best brushes for application and for blending, use 217 brush but whether you are using your fingers or brush, be quick otherwise application can be tricky.

It’s not impossible to master the correct way of application but practice makes perfect. This isn’t a product for people in a hurry but if you have the time and patience, they do enhance whatever products you put over them. It’s not that you can’t use them on their own but for more lasting power, it is better to apply powder eyeshadows over.

Prep+Prime Eye can be applied first if you don’t want the too glittery/shimmery look since the Big Bounce shadows do have quite a bit of pigments in them. This will tone down the shadows. If the eye area is too dry, apply Fast Response Eye Cream first but do wait for the eye cream to settle before applying Big Bounce shadows over.

Although water resistant, the Big Bounce shadows aren’t waterproof. I have worn them all day and there hasn’t been any creasing or fading. Another way to use them is to mix some pigments into them, this would create a dramatic effect. A synthetic brush is best for applying the Big Bounce shadows as synthetic brushes are the most suitable for picking up liquids.

All Big Bounce Shadows are 5g/RM70.

Zoom Lash in High Esteem

Zoom Lash mascaras are volumizing mascaras which do lengthen but not as much as they thicken lashes. High Esteem is a mid-tone grey shade which is much softer than black. It’s for days when you don’t want such intense looking lashes.

Personally, I find High Esteem to be rather too dull for me. It depends on what kind of look you want, I suppose. It’s a shade that’s suitable for people who want a dark shade yet not as strong as most black mascaras can be.

The other 3 Zoom Lash Mascaras in this collection are:-

(1) Blue Charge – deep navy blue

(2) Plum Reserve – light violet purple

(3) Green Is Green – jade green

All Zoom Lash Mascaras are 8g/RM61

The 242 Shader Brush retails at RM103

Note : The Big Bounce Shadows & Zoom Lash Mascara were provided by MAC Malaysia’s PR for review.