Too Kawaii To Miss : My Beauty Diary’s Skincare Set


Just when I thought I was done with splurging on My Beauty Diary masks, along came this delightful and dinky looking “Sweet Teatime Mini Set” containing a 50ml bottle of Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub, 30ml tub of Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser, a sachet each of Chocolate Truffle Mask & Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Mask. All for RM39.90, I found at the cashier’s with a box in hand faster than you can say “My Beauty Diary”.

Full sized versions of the Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub and Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser (the other being the Aloe Vera Amino Acid Cleanser) are 120ml & 90ml respectively. This little sampler box was just perfect for people like me who wanted to try a bit of everything. Anyway, it was the packaging that got to me plus it had 2 masks which I haven’t used before and which will be reviewed at a later date.

As you will notice from the pics above, there is a lack of English translation. I am not even going to hazard a guess as to the product description or directions for use. I have no idea whether the Cleanser is for oily or dry skins. Just as well the Cleanser and Scrub are in smaller versions since I always like to know more about the skincare I am buying.

(1) Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser

This product reminded me of Laneige’s Strawberry Yogurt skincare products. If the Cleanser was stuck under my nose and I was blindfolded, I might have said it was a Laneige product. Looking at the Cleanser in the tub, it appears creamy, quite thick and solid.

Indeed, it’s rather concentrated and I only needed a small amount for application all over my face. I had to add a bit of water as I massaged it over my face. Initially, it was a few drops of water and then more until the product was washed off along with make-up.

Upon contact with my skin, the strawberry scent is strong and pungent. It seems sharper than the scent in Laneige’s Strawberry Yogurt products, if that is any indication to those who have used those Laneige products before.

Although it does a good job of removing all traces of make-up (other than eye make-up for which I always use a separate remover), I didn’t have the soft/smooth skin sensation. My skin didn’t feel tight nor dry but I expected more from this Cleanser. I think it’s a good Cleanser for the purpose of removing make-up but I prefer cleansers which also give my skin more hydration after cleansing.

(2) Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub

Among all of My Beauty Diary’s new skincare range, this was the product that interested me the most. A mousse scrub was something I’d never tried before, let along heard of. This one definitely piqued my curiousity more than the other run-of-the-mill products.

It looked like a whipped cream bottle and the product does looked much like whipped cream. After cleansing, I up-ended the bottle and gave it a squeeze, nothing came out at first. Second try and the amount of foam you see in the pic below came out, just enough for application over the entire face.

When I massaged the mousse over my face, it turned into a liquid and at that point, I was wondering how it could possibly be an effective scrub. As I kept massaging it over my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, I felt some minute granules. The more I massaged, the more of these granules were produced.

After washing off the Scrub, there was no soft/smooth sensation either nor did my skin look the better for the effort it took. My skin felt quite dry and somewhat tight. I needed to spritz it with Thermal Spring Water. I don’t think this Scrub is right for my skin. I’m not sure if it will work better on oilier skins?


















  1. Hi there, mind to share which Guardian did you go to thats sells the full-size Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser?