Base Makeup Demo By Francisca Ackland, Inglot’s Australian Trainer

Products used during the base makeup demo

Ms. Francisca Ackland, Inglot’s Australian trainer was in town for 3 days from 27th May to 29th May. Inglot at Sunway Pyramid opened its doors to eager customers on 27th May. During these 3 days, she gave base makeup demonstrations and fielded questions from customers, yours truly included.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ask Francisca about the brand and its products:-

With so many products and colours to choose from, what are the 5 must-have items?

Francisca : The 5 must-have items would be my current favourites, which are the eyeshadows from the Freedom System, the IMC Corrective Illuminator, Gel Eyeliner, brushes and Cream Concealer.

What are the bestselling products in Australia?

Francisca : They are the base products and the Freedom System. Actually, these are also bestsellers all over the world.

What makes Inglot different from other brands?

Francisca : Freedom of choice, people get exactly what they want. Inglot has the largest colour range and affordability of Inglot’s products.

For base makeup, Francisca says that there are 5 steps, namely:-

(1) Prime (apply moisturiser & primer with brush 27TG)

(2) Even out skin tone (apply foundation with brush 21T)

(3) Conceal (Under Eye Concealer & Cream Concealer were used with brush 22T)

(4) Powder to set foundation

(5) Blusher & Bronzer

Some makeup tips from Francisca:-

(1) when applying moisturiser, primer or foundation, start from the nose/T-zone feathering out

(2) exfoliate skin before putting on foundation

(3) with cream foundations, you can build up coats for lighter/heavier coverage

(4) use the brush to pat foundation into the skin to avoid streakiness

(5) use natural fibre brushes for under the eyes

(6) use concealers as an eye base

(7) use a concealer with a more liquid texture to avoid cakeyness

(8) use Cream Concealer (heavier texture) to cover blemishes/acne scars and Under Eye Concealer for dark circles

(9) use a Bronzer for shading/contouring

(10) use a Highlighter on the nose area

These are just some of the products used during the base makeup demo:-

The end result? The model who incidentally was Nicole looked simply gorgeous.

Ms. Francisca Ackland & Nicole

Francisca was totally rockin’ her eye makeup!


  1. Ms. Francisca’s own make-up looks great, but her client after she was finished…not so much. Nothing wrong woth the make-up except that she could have made her clients eyes larger with various techniques.