Water 360° By Watsons



Water 360° By Watsons was launched at a water themed event today. The product range has already been introduced across Asia including mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Watsons collaborated with Malaysian YouTube sensation, Joyce Chu for the launch. Joyce came to the limelight when her single ‘Malaysian Chabor’ became a successful hit on YouTube which to date has garnered over 10 million views.

Water 360° By Watsons is specially formulated with pure, nutrient-enriched natural spring water. The range uses the quintuple hydrating system, which is French spring water that rapidly hydrates and revitalises the skin. Water 360° By Watsons provides the skin with hydration for better radiance and the sodium hyaluronate forms a long-lasting protective layer that keeps the skin hydrated and radiant.

Water 360° By Watsons other feature is the advanced water droplet technology and hydro-lipid balancing where Polyphenols found in Sugar Kelp Extracts help to maintain the skin’s natural oil content. Fucoidan-rich Algae extracts improves skin’s resistance to environmental damage and maintain a healthy and youthful glow.


Water 360° By Watsons hero product is the Mineral Spring Water Drop Hydrating Sleeping Mask 220g/RM63.90 which to date has sold more than 1.4 million pieces in Asia alone. The sleeping mask has an innovative cream mask formula that transforms into water droplets when applied. It contains tiny blue capsules (Blue Jojoba particles) which burst upon contact with skin. The water directly infuses into skin, providing optimum hydration and acts as a shield to retain skin moisture.

Other products in the Water 360° By Watsons range:-


Cleansing Mousse 150ml/RM31.90 has a unique water-based formula, can be used as a make-up remover.


Cleansing Toner 200ml/RM31.90 replenishes skin’s moisture and improves hydro-lipid balance. Provides final cleansing to skin.


Pre-Essence 30ml/RM52.90 is enriched with water-soluble collagen, elastin and vegetable protein.


Facial Lotion 150ml/RM47.90 is lightweight and non-greasy, free from mineral oils.

In the Water 360° By Watsons range are also a Hydrating Mask @ RM8.90 and Soothing Spray 50ml/RM17.90.