Anna Sui Hand & Nail Cream N



This is a recent Anna Sui discovery because until I received this 10ml tube, I didn’t realise that Anna Sui produced a Hand & Nail Cream. This one is scented with tea roses but the scent is very mild and not cloying so even if you are averse to scented hand creams, you may not mind this scent.

What I like most about this cream is that it isn’t thick. There are some hand creams which are just too thick to be absorbed fast and leave a sticky feeling but not this one. It’s rather runny so that makes it a but slippery as it was moving about on my arm as I was trying to take a photo.


The full size version is 52ml and the price should be below RM100. I wonder how well this product sells as even the full size is quite small. With so many drugstore hand creams available, personally I’d be more likely to purchase one from the drugstore than from one of the counter brands.