Nose Up Is Not Just For Snobs


nose up

This has to be one of the most bizarre beauty accessories I have seen, not that I have seen that many. Nose Up is a temporary nose reshaping device that pinches the nose and turns up the tip so that one looks more like the characters in Downton Abbey.

Rhinoplasty too expensive and risky? Fear not as you have Nose Up to the rescue. This isn’t something I would get for myself as I’m too old to worry about the shape of my nose nor do I care about the shape but the fact that Nose Up is available at AEON Wellness @ RM7.90 tells me there is a market for it. I wonder how long the device has to stay on the nose for the tip to stay upward and how long before it starts to droop. I mean, wouldn’t it be strange and slightly awkward if you attended an event/function with your nose turned upward and before you leave, your nose starts to go back to its normal position? Nevertheless, this is a fascinating device and I would love to hear from people who have used it.