Panadol Offers Latest In Fast-Acting And Effective Body Muscle Pain Solutions With Panaflex Patch


The launch of Panaflex Patch

Evidence from an annual study has showed that Kuala Lumpur ranks third among the most overworked cities in the world.[1] As one of the most hardworking nations globally, we also noticed that pain incidence is widespread in Malaysia, with 85% experienced pain.[2]

Body pain is one of the top types of pain experienced by Malaysians.[3] This can be attributed to lifestyle habits such as stress-induced tension, sedentary routines, and incorrect posture.3 In recognition of the pain prevalence and its impact on Malaysian’s everyday health, Panadol introduced its new range of body pain relief products, Panaflex Patch, to empower Malaysians by providing them with effective  fast-acting[4] pain solutions.

Bryan Wong, General Manager, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (MSB), Haleon
Awal Ashaari, versatile TV personality experiencing the Hot Zone

Bryan Wong, General Manager, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (MSB), Haleon, said: “At Panadol, we recognise that persistent pain can hinder productivity and significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. As one of the leaders in the pain relief category, we want to go beyond and we strive to expand our range of pain relief products, to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of our valued consumers. Our vision is to provide freedom from pain so the human spirit can shine.”

As part of the new launch, Panadol aims to celebrate hardworking Malaysians ahead of Merdeka to honour their relentless efforts and their sacrifices. The launch campaign starts on 21 July, with its first event to be held at Main Concourse Pavilion Bukit Jalil from 10am – 10pm, where visitors can learn more about body pains and management remedies. This will be followed by a three-month social campaign with key opinion leaders continuing advocacy efforts to help and empower Malaysians to better manage their everyday pain.

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