This MAC Cosmetics Sale Makes Me Miss The Previous Years Annual Sales


dsc_9467Earlier this month, I received a text message from MAC Cosmetics inviting me to a private sale at their Pavilion outlet, I had a week to have a look at whatever was available. This invitation made me miss the annual Estee Lauder Friends & Family Sale, the last one being in 2019 when we were in pre-pandemic days and everyone was free to mingle happily. Those were the good old happy days.

I was brought to a room where some products were laid out on a small table, nothing much compared to the annual MAC Cosmetics sale which is always a few months after the EL Sale. I didn’t end up getting anything as I don’t even wear makeup nowadays, not much point when the mask obscures half my face.





I wonder if there will ever be another EL Sale, those sales really saved us beauty addicts a lot of money and I am sure if they ever had another one, those tickets will be snapped up within the day, if not less. That kind of sale is fast becoming a distant memory.