Estee Lauder Companies Friends & Family Sale 2019 : Part 2



Because it was so late last night when I finished my first post on Estee Lauder Companies Friends & Family Sale 2019, I didn’t manage to insert as many photos as I would have liked so here are more photos of the cosmetics from MAC and Bobbi Brown which were immensely popular. I kept hearing customers ask for mascara and eyeliner.

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For those of you who managed to get the Estee Lauder Blockbuster set in time, lucky you. That’s really good value as you get so many items for RM250. I doubt the purchase limit of RM2000 was imposed on anyone as there were customers who were carrying around five bags or more. My friend saw someone with 4 or 5 bags at his feet and there was a bag on a table near this guy so my friend thought the bag on the table was left behind. The guy with the 4 or 5 bags told her the bag on the table was also his when he saw her about to rummage through the bag. My friend was looking for the Michael Kors fragrance set.

Another friend who is an Estee Lauder fan (she buys mainly Estee Lauder cosmetics and skincare at every sale) was trying to get to the Estee Lauder lipstick counter when she found her way blocked by a guy who wasn’t really looking at the lipsticks. She actually asked him to kindly move if he wasn’t looking but he said he was much to her exasperation.

The crowd was just grabbing everything which makes some readers think these are resellers rather than genuine consumers of the products. I guess so too otherwise how can one person use bags and bags of products? Every product has an expiry date and most of them at the sale are already at least a year or two old. My friend said that people were just sitting on the floor not sorting through their bags. The usual announcements to people not to sit on the floor as it would block others fell on deaf ears.


The recycle bag they gave to customers (one per customer regardless of how much they bought) was nice as a souvenir and reminder of everyone’s shopping spree. I shall keep this bag in pristine condition for as long as possible.


While waiting at the cashier area to pay, I was standing behind a customer who was chalking up close to RM3000 in purchase but I bet there were people who spent even RM5000 or more. Anyway you can tell people with 5 bags won’t be paying anything less than RM2000 which is the purchase limit imposed on the invitation card.


  1. Thanks for the makeup photos juniper. Last year they had ample supply of Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder sets. This year… nil or all snapped up.
    Disappointed with people buying to resell lah. Haih. I just saw a friend on Instagram doing this but they didn’t buy much- just a couple of bottles at most. EL NEEDS to keep having these sales! Our needs depend on it lol!

    • Hands up from those who want this sale to continue! My hand is up!

      Last year a heap more Estee x Victoria Beckham, they had boxes n boxes. Generally a lot less stock from every brand at this sale. A lot of stuff gone within five minutes from the time the door opened for VIP card holders and I can even tell u what went in five minutes.

  2. Thank you for all the photos. I do agree that if they are probably selling it since it is like 5 bags? douse themselves in perfume? I mean it is pretty sad to those that really want to buy for personal use since those ES blockbusters set are all gone.

    • A few readers have expressed their disappointment at being unable to get in fast enough even though they started queing very early. Take the Estee blockbuster set for instance. My friend was sad she could not get one as she’s such a huge fan of the brand n a very loyal customer. She spends a lot at regular prices too.

      A reader has seen Bobbi Brown makeup sets which she saw at the sale being advertised on Carousell today.

  3. I saw the guy with the 4 to 5 bags! Really don’t know what was his deal. He was just standing there and not doing anything.

  4. Hi Juniper…. i have been waiting for this sale since beginning of this year. Been checking every couple of weeks prior to april and didnt see any news about it and when i checked today only found out that it was already over.. imagine how disappointed i was. Read from your comments above that this might be the last one? Is that true? I wiill be so sad… 🙁