Guest Review Of Garnier’s Mineral Light


Garnier Mineral Light is a whitening deodorant with Mineralite, sourced from deep within volcanoes. Camie tries it out and let’s see if she likes it:-

Go DRY and White~

Being born and raised in this beautiful tropical country, there’s something that ALL of us cannot avoid – the WEATHER. We are so used to the hot, humid, rainy but no wind kind of weather and we are constantly looking for shelter in places with air conditioning or under some shade.

All of this because we want to avoid drenching in sweat. It’s not only making us feel terribly uncomfortable but also a little embarrassed because of the “stain” at places we do not want them to be.

With much effort, we apply something called deodorant. No ~ it’s not because of the smell at all. It’s simply because of the hygiene factor.

So what I have here it’s the Garnier Mineral 24H Light – a whitening deodorant that contains absorbing mineral and also lemon extract.

The absorbing mineral, Mineralite is a ultra lightweight micro-porous mineral form by volcanic gases.

The special features of Mineralite are ~

• Able to retain four times its volume in water
• Five times more absorbency than regular talc
• Dry and soft to the touch
• Works like a second layer of protection with anti-bacterial properties

The deodorant smells exactly like Garnier face products, most probably because all of them contains lemon extract. The texture are very lotion like and I find it takes longer to dry off on my skin.I don’t really like having a damp underarm because it will leave stain on my garments. If you notice closely, you will see that it contains some gold shimmer in it and  most probably its there to give your skin some sort of “glowing” effect perhaps.

Overall it’s a decent deodorant and if you like the lemony scent or its shimmer effect, this would be the perfect product for you.

Garnier Mineral Light (50ml) retails at RM6.90. There’s also Garnier Mineral Light Extra (20ml) at RM3.90 and Garnier Mineral Light Extra (50ml) at RM7.90.

There is also a range for sensitive skins, drier action (sport/active person) and also for people who desire silky smooth underarm. Prices for these range from RM3.90-7.90.

Available at all major hypermarkets, pharmacies, and retail outlets nationwide.

Thanks to Camie for the review. The deodorant was provided by L’oreal for review.