Talika Light DUO


During my recent visit to Parkson’s Cosmeceutical Counter, I checked out a few products that I’ve wanted to have a closer look at for some time. One of them is Talika’s Light DUO which is the result of years of research at Talika Laboratories in Paris.

I wanted to find out more about the device which I knew next to nothing about so courtesy of Luxasia Malaysia, here is some information about Talika Light DUO:-

The product is a combination of the functions of its innovative Light 525 and Light 590 devices. Talika Light DUO combines the complementary treatment concerns of whitening and anti-aging into a single product which is the same size as the best-selling originals.


On one side, Light 590 Collagen Booster emits the wavelength identified to reactivate collagen production deep within the cells. On the other, Light 525 Skin Brightener targets melanocytes, repairing the damaged cells which cause uneven pigmentation and regulating future melanin production.

With the launch of the Light DUO, women around the world can put away a bathroom full of creams, serums and other topical treatments promising youth and whitening potential for one simple device which is quick, easy to use, and portable for use anytime, anywhere. Light DUO is 100% safe technology, with no burning, redness or side effects, and is completely hygienic as well since there is no contact with the skin. Men, often uncomfortable with fussy creams and multi-step skin care, are invited to join in on the anti-aging revolution.

These ground-breaking light therapy products are the result of years of research at Talika Laboratories in Paris. Data collected in the 1970’s by NASA scientists revealed that the correlation between light rays and human cellular metabolism is similar to that of plants and photosynthesis. Building on this discovery, Talika lab experts identified specific light rays targeting perennial beauty concerns.

Light 590 Collagen Booster was the first product of their research. In forty- five seconds, it emits a series of waves to jumpstart the collagen and elastin production in aging skin. The body’s natural aging process and exposure to environmental pollutants and UV rays causes the stalled cell function. Light 590 can treat all areas exhibiting signs of aging, including specific zones such as the eye contour, lips, throat and hands, doing away with the need for a different topical product for each zone as with traditional treatment regimes.

Light 525 Skin Brightener followed the success of Light 590. One minute a day of its steady light aimed at spots and dark patches effectively breaks them down, evens pigmentation and prevents new spots from forming by stabilising irregular melanin production at its source deep within the cells, thereby whitening the skin.

Clinical test results prove both Light 590 and Light 525 to be 100% effective on 100% of test participants. Light 590 users registered increases of 32% in skin tone and 32% reduction in wrinkles after 28 days. Light 525 users measured a 30%-46% decrease in brown spots after 30-60 days use.

Light DUO was created with the recognition that many suffer from loss of skin elasticity and appearance of wrinkles at the same time as brown patches start to occur, and aims to provide a single compact solution to combat both concerns. Light DUO’s attractive and compact design is easy to use, small enough to take on the go, and easy to recharge. Internal timer is set to emit each wavelength for the prescribed time.

LIGHT DUO joins Talika’s growing range of LED-based light therapy products, including not only Light 590 Collagen Booster and Light 525 Skin Brightener, but also Light 660 Purifying Anti-Acne treatment, which also harnesses the power of two wavelengths, one to stop bacteria, sebum production and tighten pores, the other to dissipate redness and heal damaged skin.

TALIKA Laboratories have several other high-performing technology-based treatment devices in the pipeline. They will join Talika’s well-established range of all natural treatment products such as the lash-lengthening Lipocils range, Eye Therapy Patch and Mask, Hand Therapy gloves and Foot Therapy booties, and other specific beauty treatments.

TALIKA Light Duo is available at :

  • Parkson Pavilion 03-2141 9127
  • Parkson KLCC 03-2161 4857
  • Parkson 1 Utama 03-7725 2088
  • Parkson Gurney (Penang) 04-229 6732
  • Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall 03-2282 0153
  • Isetan KLCC 03-2164 9592
  • Isetan 1 Utama 03-7722 3050