Hakuhodo Is Back At International Beauty Expo 2019


dsc_5483Today is the first day of the International Beauty Expo 2019 (ends on 15 May) and that means Hakuhodo is back. If it wasn’t for this event, we would have to go to Takashimaya in Singapore for these premium, high quality brushes which are beyond compare. They are much more expensive than most makeup brushes here but taking into account that they are hand made, we can perhaps understand why they command such a price. I made a beeline for Hakuhodo as it’s always a delight to look at their awesome and gorgeous brushes. You just have to feel them to know how high quality they are.

dsc_5471dsc_5473dsc_5484dsc_5477dsc_5485dsc_5482dsc_5486They have the cutest Hello Kitty brush but that alone is RM200! If I had that brush, I would never use it as it would be a collectible. The Glossy Makeup Set @ RM670 looks like a value buy given the price of their individual brushes.