Spoiler Ahead : Vanity Trove + Kanebo Pink Carpet Event



Kanebo Impress IC Range

Of late, there have been a number of new beauty box subscription services but I have to admit to being slightly underwhelmed by the contents of the boxes which have been sent to me. Maybe it’s beauty box fatigue or maybe I’m just too old for all these surprises. One of the most well known and anticipated of such services has to be Vanity Trove whose debut box will be  available here very soon.

This weekend, Vanity Trove members can have a complimentary Kanebo facial and receive an exclusive Kanebo Vanity Trove for RM80. There are 7 slots available on Saturday and Sunday respectively. For more information on this, please refer to www.facebook.com/VanityTroveMalaysia. I understand from Vanity Trove’s representatives that they intend to organise more similar workshops for their members. That would definitely set them apart from other beauty box subscription companies and I for one would look forward to such workshops.


Ms. Jenny Liang, Kanebo’s Regional Trainer

Two groups of bloggers were invited for a sneak peek at Kanebo’s new Impress IC range and participate in a hands-on skincare session under the guidance of Ms. Jenny Liang, Kanebo’s Regional Trainer who is like the Wikipedia of all things Kanebo.

Kanebo’s Impress and Impress IC range are the brand’s best-selling anti-ageing range. The Impress range is suitable for those aged 35 and above while the Impress IC range is suitable for those aged between 25-35. Kanebo Blanchir range is for whitening and is for all skin types and ages. Price of the Impress range is between RM160-1750, Impress IC between RM110-420 and Blanchir between RM115-185.

Prior to the hands-on session, we  all had our skin analysed by Jenny with the help of Kanebo’s skin analysis machine. I discovered that my skin is seriously in need of firming but then again, at my age this isn’t surprising. During the hands-on skincare session, Jenny instructed us on the Kanebo’s cleansing methods and massage techniques. She stressed the importance of double cleansing in order to prevent clogged pores which would lead to acne and blackheads. Depending on your skin type, you can use a cleansing oil or cream first followed by cleansing foam or cream soap.


Kanebo Cleansers


Kanebo Blanchir Cream Soap Foam

Kanebo has their own compressed masks which can be used to soak up Blanchir White Deep Clear Conditioner or Impress Refining Lotion for hydration.


Blanchir White Deep Clear Conditioner & Impress Refining Lotion


Kanebo Compressed Masks (pack of 15 at RM25)

Now for the spoiler – don’t scroll down if you don’t want to check out the contents of the Kanebo VanityTrove but I guess if you have come this far, you are determined to have a sneak peek so here it is.



The red box contains cotton pads (60 pieces), there’s a full sized Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation in OC02, 30ml bottles of Impress White Lotion II and White Emulsion II, 2 x 0.4ml of Impress UV Essence and a complimentary Lunasol Purifying Makeover voucher. How’s that? Just the bottle of foundation’s already worth more than RM80. Can’t wait for the Vanity Trove debut box. When I receive it, you will be the first to know, promise!