K-Cosmetic Masks


A virtual high 5 to those of you who love browsing in Watsons because you never know what bargains you can find and they always have new products such as these K-Cosmetic masks. Okay, I know they may not exactly be THAT new but they are new to me.

While browsing the masks section, I stopped in my tracks for 2 reasons : firstly the cartoon characters on the front of the packaging + they were on special at RM5.90 for the 1st mask and 50% off for the 2nd mask = RM8.85 for 2. Not bad!

Oh, there is a 3rd reason. Some of the masks had funny names like Snail Mucin and Syn-Ake which translates to Snake whatever. The Syn-Ake mask has an image of an ancient Egyptian (honestly, I doubt any ancient Egyptians would ever have guessed that they’d be depicted on Korean sheet mask packets in the 21st century) holding a jar.

So I bought the Snail Mucin and Syn-Ake only because I wondered what these 2 would be like. They sounded a whole lot more interesting than Pearl Powder (ho-hum!) and Coenzyme Q-10(been there, done that!).

Each of the masks has different benefits but I’ve long come to the conclusion that sheet masks, no matter what their key ingredients are, only serve one purpose and that is to provide instant hydration and soothing effect. So it doesn’t matter if they say they are for helping skin elasticity, evening skin tone, brightening the complexion, minimising pores, helping skin metabolism, purifying and nourishing skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, yada yada yada……it’s all the same to me because the only thing sheet masks do for me is brighten up my skin a little and keep it moist for about an hour at most.

The 2 masks I purchased fit quite well and they were still moist after more than half an hour of use. They aren’t very thin as in My Beauty Diary mask kind of thin but I have no complaints. There’s a mild scent but so mild that I didn’t smell much once it was on my face.

The Snail Mucin mask is not slimy or sticky and the Syn-Ake one, well there was nothing snaky about that one. Actually, looking through the list of ingredients of both masks, they appeared more or less the same with one or two additions or reductions here and there.

These have eye flaps so you can choose to lie down and let the mask hydrate your skin while you cat nap. Sheet masks which cost less than RM5 each and have eye flaps are really a bargain. These masks are good for rehydrating and prepping skin. I would repurchase but there are so many other masks to try. Back to Watsons soon.