SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation



It is time to solve the dilemma of maintaining glowing radiant skin while achieving full foundation coverage with the new SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation and the Artisan Perfecting Brush – providing moist radiant skin with just one swipe.

Often, women face the problem of having to choose between radiance and coverage. The new foundation and brush work in harmony to provide a flawless finish and instantly enhance the skin’s natural radiance.

Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation

SK-II worked to deliver innovations above and beyond traditional expectations in its foundation. Developed with a new formula to keep skin hydrated both inside and out, the foundation works to help the skin achieve the best possible natural radiance.

Containing concentrated Pitera™ 1 and SPF30, the foundation not only provides flawless coverage – it also hydrates and protects the skin. Like a mask, the foundation locks in the benefits of Pitera™ to keep the skin hydrated.

The unique formula has three layers – beige, white and pink, each designed to play a role in enhancing and caring for as well as blending easily into the skin.

1 Based on Chronic Hydration Study conducted among 30 women at 2013 Oct-Nov, Kobe Japan (CT13-019)

Artisan Perfecting Brush


Artisan Perfecting Brush

Following extensive research conducted by SK-II about the quality of the foundation, the brand found that it is also the application tool that affects the final result. With the right application technique and tool, it maximizes the full potential of the foundation. As a result, SK-II tested over 100 versions of makeup applicators to create the perfect foundation brush.

Engineered with a new micro-coverage brush technology, the brush evenly spreads a light layer of foundation across the face. Delivering both radiance and coverage simultaneously, the Artisan Perfecting Brush is both innovative and effortless to use.

• Developed on Technical Bristle Analysis

Over 70,000 bristles per brush

Bristles are dense yet delicate and provides a gentle touch to the skin

Unique curve of the brush means it sits perfectly on the face

• No difficult application technique necessary: simply use the brush in circular motions over your face to achieve a moist radiant complexion

• 1 swipe of foundation with the Artisan Perfecting Brush is enough to cover half the face

The Finished Look

When used together, the SK-II Artisan Perfecting Brush and Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation will leave skin looking flawless and glowing from within. The brush provides coverage for any imperfections, including large pores, without being heavy on the skin.

While creating a flawless finish, skin will look beautifully radiant due to the foundation’s hydrating properties:

• Using the foundation twice a day gives skin better hydration, tested to improve threefold in just four weeks2

• 91% of consumers agree that this is the best foundation they have used for autumn/winter3

Wonders of Pitera™

When used in conjunction with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the Pitera™ Layer Effect (similar to a sandwich effect) is achieved – enhancing the skin’s radiance and luminosity.

• By applying the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as the first step of a skincare regimen, and the SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation as the last step, there will be resulting visible improvements in skin texture and the final finished look.

Availability & Pricing

Take home the powerful duo of the SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation and the SK-II Artisan Perfecting Brush and discover instant moist radiant skin. Available at all SK-II counters from 15 September 2015 onwards.

SK-II Enamel Radiant Cream Compact Foundation (available in 4 shades) with Artisan Perfecting Brush RM320

2 Based on clinical study among 30 women, 2013 Oct-Nov, Kobe Japan (CT13-019)

3 Based on consumer agreement among 53 women, 2013 May, Kobe Japan (JP132943)