Decoding Da Vinci & Journey To The Secret Chamber With Indiana Jones At Break The Code+ 1Utama



Entering the premises of Break The Code+ 1Utama is almost like entering a cinema foyer as there are posters of “Da Vinci”, “Avatar The Secret Of Pandora”, “Indiana Jones”, “Alien” etc. up on one wall. More than a month ago, I’d made an online booking for “Da Vinci” and “Indiana Jones” but last week, I went to Break The Code+ 1Utama to make a change as I had a feeling that “Indiana Jones” might be too tough for us beginners at Break The Code+ 1Utama. I wanted the easiest themes and the staff there recommended “Avatar” in place of “Indiana Jones” to which I agreed but somehow or other, he didn’t make the change and we found out today that we were booked for “Da Vinci” as the 1st game and “Indiana Jones” as the 2nd game. So much for going there personally to make the change!

Anyway, my team was decimated again this week and we were down to 4 pax for both games. I don’t know if I have become spoilt by the service at Breakout and Code Factory but I didn’t feel the warm greeting and welcome I have come to expect from Break The Code+ 1Utama. In fact, there was no greeting at all when I arrived and waited for the rest of my team to arrive. No one asked me if I had a booking or if I was there to enquire about a game.

Thanks to Break The Code+ 1Utama management, our 1st game was complimentary while the 2nd game was RM120 so each of us forked out RM30. We were given a VIP card whereby the 2nd game is discounted by RM6, the 4th game by RM10 and if we play 7 games by 31st December 2015, we get a free game (the time period is rather short since end of December is just 3+ months away!).

Our 1st game “Da Vinci The Secrets Beneath” was set in a dark art gallery with paintings from Da Vinci’s era. We had an hour in which to decipher the clues and puzzles and uncover the secrets of Da Vinci’s paintings. The ambiance and technology involved in this game is nothing short of impressive. However, we failed to escape in time. Let’s just say there’s a music test and we all failed at it. We are permitted to call for help 3x at any point during the game. I don’t know how those people who managed to escape within half an hour did it. They must have the brain of Einstein. Their successful photos are on the wall of Break The Code+ 1Utama.


The 2nd game, “Indiana Jones Journey To The Secret Chamber” was even more tough which is why I was hoping we’d be playing “Avatar”. I mean, we aren’t exactly escape room geniuses. We are enthusiasts, still learning as we go along but hardly A+ when it comes to such games so we really were hoping for something less challenging but playing “Indiana Jones Journey To The Secret Chamber” was a struggle from the start as we couldn’t make head or tail of the 1st few clues and had to resort to calling for assistance. What floored us eventually was a game we had to spend a lot of time on using motor skills and I am of the opinion that it required 6 people to accomplish. We were short of 2 pax and that was a definite disadvantage so we ran out of time even before we got to the final room but just as in the 1st game, they allowed us to continue with the game until we managed to escape. They won’t interrupt the game just because time has finished so that’s very good of them.

Overall, I would say that Break The Code+ 1Utama is a lot of fun due to the high tech in the rooms which gives these themes an advantage or plus point over Breakout and Code Factory. However, all of us in today’s team who have played both at Breakout and Code Factory enjoyed the warm service at Breakout and Code Factory a lot more. As one of my team mates today pointed out and which I totally agree with, some of the staff who attended to us when we called for help were slightly surly and sullen. This is, after all, just fun and games and we are new to Break The Code+ so we do need all the help we can get. I felt that the staff at Breakout and Code Factory were a lot more cheerful and encouraging and that’s very important in such games because you don’t want participants to feel defeated even when the odds are stacked against them. I think the team would love to return to Break The Code+ one day but generally, the staff there need to improve on the customer service. After all, how difficult is it to smile when helping the customer? At Breakout and Code Factory, they score on that point but at Break The Code+, that is the one thing lacking.

Break The Code+ 1Utama is located at Unit S220, One Utama Shopping Mall, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya. (Beside Isetan, Level 2)
Phone: 03-7733 0684