Introducing i-Care Marketing’s Premium Japanese Haircare Ranges

Official Launch of i-Care Premium Japanese Haircare
Official Launch of i-Care Premium Japanese Haircare

During the recent official launch of i-Care Marketing’s Premium Japanese Haircare, media and guests were introduced to their 4 haircare ranges, namely:


Theratis has a Night Booster Formula
Theratis Range

Theratis’ Night Booster Formula contains nano ingredients that soak in at night. It suppresses stray hair and dryness while you sleep. Its Bed Hair Formula repairs waves, reduces friction and balances hair hydration level. Its Night Aroma Scent helps you to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.

Fun Azum

Fun Azum provides a treatment experience similar to a salon within the comfort of your home
Fun Azum Range

With its innovative Platinum Ceramide formula and plant-based cleaning agents, the Fun Azum range promises lustrous locks and salon-quality care with every use. The Premium Treatment in this range is an intensive treatment that focuses on salon-inspired “acid heat treatment (glyoxylic acid)” for any dry or difficult hair. It’s a 4-day intensive repair program.

Ahalo Butter

Ahalo Butter – Oragnic Shea Butter Formula Hair Care Product

Ahalo Butter Range

The key ingredient in the Ahalo Butter range is Shea Butter “King of Moisturizers”, made from shea seeds, well known in skincare. It has an extremely high moisturizing effect. Organic shea butter and nano-ceramide capsules deeply moisturize and repair hair, adhering to flaky cuticles for continuous restoration.

Ahalo Honey

Ahalo Honey has a water circulation recipe for instant hair hydration
Ahalo Honey Range

Organic Manuka Honey is used in the Ahalo Honey range. Other ingredients include the extracts of Matricaria Flower, Rosa Damascena Flower, Meadowfoam and Royal Jelly. There’s also Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acid, linolenic acid,nervonica acid and Vitamin E.