Making A Coffee Lip Scrub At Enchanti Naturals Workshop


dsc_8364For about two hours this afternoon, I was at my second Enchanti Naturals workshop at Jaya One. This time there were just 5 of us compared to 16 at the candle workshop last month but that is not surprising as it’s just a week away to CNY. At this workshop, we made a face/body scrub, lip scrub and 3 bath salts. This was easier for me than making candles.

dsc_8373dsc_8375There are just a few ingredients for the lip scrub, namely used coffee ground, unrefined brown sugar, extra virgin coconut oil and lastly essential oil (optional and not so advisable as you would be using on lips). One has to combine the first 3 ingredients evenly in a paper cup and pour into a container. However the brown sugar has to be blended into a fine texture prior to mixing.