Limited Edition Year Of The Horse Clarisonic Plus



I have much to share with you all and I don’t think I can finish reviewing all of what I have by this month as there are so many distractions but all good distractions. I had something else planned for this afternoon’s post but then I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful Limited Edition Year Of The Horse Clarisonic Plus. It’s made it to my 2014 Top 10 List of Most Beautiful Beauty Products. I know, it’s only January but this has got a secure place on my list and I don’t care what other products I see in the coming months.

Clarisonic Plus can be used on face and body and has 3 speeds. It’s not just the Clarisonic that’s so gorgeous with the horse and floral design. The charging cradle completes this stunning product and I would love to have it but I’ve been spending way too much already!


Anyway, for those of you who are interested (especially those of you born in the Horse Year), check this out at the promo area in between MidValley’s Centre Court and North Court from now till 29th January. The good news is that all the Clarisonic models including this one are on 10% discount which makes this just RM738 (original price RM820). Get it while you can as stocks are limited and they’ve sold a few already.