La Mer Introduces The Moisturizing Soft Cream


The Moisturizing Soft Cream (available from 15th September 2012) is a revolutionary new formula that delivers the profound benefits of Crème de la Mer in a soft, luxurious texture. Advanced absorption technology, Moisturizing Spheres, allow this new formula to penetrate deeply replenishing moisture and strengthening skin.  Clinical testing demonstrated a 70% immediate improvement in moisture, and after eight weeks of use, a 65% improvement in visible lift. Skin looks renewed and energized, youthfully radiant.

The latest breakthrough in La Mer science, Moisturizing Spheres create the rich yet weightless texture of the Moisturizing Soft Cream. As the two phases of lipid (Miracle Broth™) and water (Lime Tea Extract™) are layered in between emollients, tiny multi-layered spheres are formed, creating the smooth, lightweight texture. These Moisturizing Spheres are held together by a thread of gentle cohesive bonds, creating the smooth, lightweight texture. As the bond breaks on application, the small spheres instantly penetrate the skin and are absorbed from top to bottom, delivering moisture deep into the skin.  The Miracle Broth™ and Lime Tea Extract™ encapsulated within the multi-layered structure melt layer by layer to release powerful anti-oxidants and replenish moisture.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream contains the Miracle Broth™, with its legendary powers of transformation, and gives skin the deep moisture it needs to renew itself.  A healthy complexion has an electrical charge that allows water to be drawn into the skin, keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated.  Skin is transformed, leaving it softer, looking firmer, virtually ageless. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant. Clinical testing showed a 71% improvement in clarity immediately after using the Moisturizing Soft Cream.

La Mer Moisturizers

Crème de la Mer (RM550 for 30ml, RM970 for 60ml, RM3200 for 250ml & RM6100 for 500ml)

Legendary, luxurious, the original miracle.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream (RM550 for 30ml & RM970 for 60ml)

Luxuriously light, renews and energizes look of skin.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream (RM550 for 30ml & RM970 for 60ml)

Ultra-light, refreshing, ideal for warmer climates.

The Moisturizing Lotion (RM830 for 50ml)

Deeply hydrating, nutrient-rich, fluid formula.

The Oil Absorbing Lotion (RM830 for 50ml)

Oil-free, soft matte finish, ideal for warm weather.

Note : Image and press release are courtesy of La Mer Malaysia.