Once Upon A Time In Hanguk : An Overview of Yadah


Once upon a time in a far away land called Hanguk (한국), there lived a flame-haired little girl who loved nothing more than frolicking in the outdoors, enjoying the scenic beauty of the flora. Now this sweet and vivacious girl’s name was Yadah and because she was born on 3rd May under the star sign Taurus, she was naturally witty and optimistic.

Strong and loyal, she was often seen with her pet alien, Yom Yom with super high IQ. Yom Yom was Yadah’s constant companion, following her closely and playing games with her. Yom Yom was an extraterrestrial who was forced to land on earth due to a space travel mishap. Luckily, he stumbled upon Yadah and they have been the best of friends ever since then. Yom Yom’s favourite activity was eating (very similar to us Malaysians, Yom Yom would be right at home here!) and he had a pretty big appetite too. The two friends were inseparable and spent many happy days exploring the outdoors.

Yadah was different from other girls her age as she had her eponymous skincare line. Yadah is also a range of botanical skincare products for teens and young adults formulated with natural plant extracts such as essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs. The formulas are 100% free from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and do not contain animal extracts of any kind. They are most suitable for young skin as this particular age range have more tender skin that is more vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

While Yadah skincare contains a variety of plants, flowers and fruits such as camellia, rosemary, macadamia nut, melon, blueberry, apricot, jojoba, aloe vera, witch hazel, cranberry, tomato, kiwi, avocado, raspberry, lemon, peony, safflower, pomegranate, rosehip, mango, prune, magnolia etc., the key ingredient found in all Yadah products is the native Opuntia Ficus extract, a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea.

Opuntia Ficus is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin. Cactus is one of the few rare plants that can survive extreme weather conditions from the scorching hot barren sands to the freezing harsh winters in the deserts because of its unique ability to reduce water loss and it is for this very reason that it is able to prevent water evaporation from the epidermis and acts as a natural moisturiser to keep skin soft and hydrated both indoors and outdoors.

All Yadah products are certified by the Korean FDA and are formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic and some with Ecocert authentication. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones especially for teenagers and young adults.

Yadah Skincare Range

For now, this is the Yadah skincare range available in Malaysia but we may soon see more skincare coming in and there is also a make-up range. Yadah is a very popular animated character in South Korea with her cartoon series.

Bubble Deep Cleanser 150ml/RM49

Product Description

Gently washes away impurities and excess sebum including (light) make-up without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. Bubble formula deep cleanses thoroughly into the pores.

Vitamin Toner 80ml/RM49

Product Description

Enriched with organic Opuntia Ficus to soothe and hydrate the skin. Specially formulated with orange and lemon extracts filled with vitamins to help refresh, tone and brighten the skin. Fruit extracts aid to eliminate excess sebum on the skin hence it refreshes the skin naturally.

Has a gel texture, feels cooling and refreshing upon contact with skin. Suitable for combination and oily skin. Non-comedogenic, oil-free and irritant-free.

Vitamin Emulsion 80ml/RM49

Product Description

Filled full with natural goodness similar to the Vitamin Toner in a light matte-fluid texture leaving the skin naturally moist, brightened and velvety soft.

Cactus Mist 60ml/RM25 (Yadah’s Star Product)

Product Description

Naturally moisturising cactus mist for added hydration at any time, any where. Permeates easily into the epidermis and works for 24 hours. Contains betaine from sugar cane which acts as a skin conditioner and glycerine from palm oil as an added natural moisture.

Can be used alone or as a substitute for moisturiser. Available in Fruit Garden and Fresh Lime scents. Not a surprise this is their star product as they really stand out. Love the scents and how refreshing and soothing it feels when sprayed on to face.

Sun Cream SPF 40 PA++

Product Description

An extremely gentle and light weight waterproof oil-free cream that offers super-effective high protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Natural and organic-based extracts make it less irritating to the skin. Can be used alone or as the last step in your daily skincare routine.

Hand Cream 40g/RM17

Product Description

Infused with soothing organic Opuntia Ficus and betaine content extracted from sugar cane to help protect against dryness and moisture loss.

Comes in a light non-greasy formula that absorbs fast into the skin leaving hands moisturised and silky soft. Naturally scented thanks to its botanical ingredients. A perfect thing to have in your bag.

Natural Shampoo 400g/RM45 & 250g/RM35

Product Description

Helps soothe sensitive and irritated scalp. Delicately cleanses and purifies scalp without drying out the scalp leaving hair smelling naturally fresh and clean.

Angel BB cream SPF20 PA++ 50ml/RM49

Product Description

This multi-functional makeup base and primer with organic extract skincare properties is almost a miracle cream by all standards. Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, brightening, UV sun protection, moisturising, sebum control, and the best part of all, it comes in pink and yellow undertones for natural looking skin coverage.

Available in Light Beige (for yellow undertones) and Natural Beige (for pink undertones).

Special mention must be made of Yadah’s cosmetic pouches with irresistibly cute images of Yadah and Yom Yom. Available in 3 colours, they are quite roomy and have slots for make-up brushes inside. They retail at RM49 each.

Overall, I think that if I was a teenager, this is one skincare brand which would catch my interest what with the graphics and affordable prices. As you will note, the most expensive products are just RM49. Even though my salad days are long gone, I’d still look at their Cactus Mist which feels hydrating and refreshing thanks to the very pleasant scents. So there are some products here that can appeal to the self-affirmed young-at-heart.

Yadah Skincare is available at Stage Asia and selected Sasa outlets.

Acknowledgement : Thank you to Traclyn & Stage Asia Cosmetics for inviting this not-so-young blogger to view and try out Yadah Skincare. This is one brand that is NOT ageist unlike a certain well known Japanese brand which has deemed me too old to attend some of their events. What’s age got to do with it?