Hada Labo Workshop With Liu Yen & Xiao Kai


liuyen-and-xiaIt’s been a few years since I last attended a Hada Labo Beauty Workshop by famous Taiwanese beauty gurus, Liu Yen and Xiao Kai. The last time Xiao Kai presented a public beauty workshop was at 1 Utama 2 years ago and Liu Yen presented a Hada Labo Beauty Workshop for media before Xiao Kai. I think it is a good idea to have public beauty workshops as it gets the public interested in the brand’s products and when the roadshow is held at the same time, the public can find out more about the products presented and purchase them.


Of course, the emphasis of this workshop is on skin softening and hydration specifically with the brand’s best-selling lotions of which there a few variants now. The beauty gurus demonstrated how the lotions are patted on to skin as well as introducing the public to other Hada Labo products.