Gintell G-Finey EZ Energy Beauty Bar

Gintell G-Finey EZ Energy Beauty Bar
Gintell G-Finey EZ Energy Beauty Bar

When I think of Gintell, the 1st thing that pops into my mind is their range of massage chairs but did you know that Gintell has something called the G-Finey EZ Energy Beauty Bar? I received it as a media gift for attending the recent Simon Yam Meet & Greet session. This nifty device looks like a gold plated pen but is in fact a facial massager (not to be used over skincare).

It has a golden streamlined appearance, waterproof design, electroplated gold ion massage head (T-bar). Benefits include reducing wrinkles, activate facial cells, promote blood circulation and skin radiance, firmness and elasticity. This is exactly what I need so I have been using it diligently since I received it on Saturday. It’s so easy to use as all you need is 1 AA Alkaline battery, turn it on by swiveling the base and massage all over the face and neck in upward and downward motions. It vibrates 6,000 times per minute.

Price is RM218.00
Massage it all over face
Don’t forget the neck

After using the device for a few minutes (I think I may be using for longer than 3 minutes), my skin feels a bit hot. I guess that means it’s working and my blood is circulating. To see effects, one must be diligent and use it every day.