This Summer, MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Makes An Epic Comeback Nationwide

Sneak peek of MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day in 2019

After the interruption imposed by the pandemic lockdowns, MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day (MBD), the largest nationwide breakfast event in Malaysia, has made an epic comeback this summer with full-scale events in three main locations – Putrajaya, Sabah and Sarawak. MILO invites all Malaysians to join the brand’s energetic events that will combine a power-packed breakfast with multiple activities, in line with the brand’s efforts to continue promoting active lifestyles while reminding everyone on the importance of eating healthy.

First introduced in 2013, MBD has evolved into an iconic event that brings together Malaysians from all walks of life. This year, under the theme “MILO…Siap, Sedia, Juara!”, (Milo…Ready, Set, Go!), the brand will continue to educate on the value of sports as a great teacher, while ensuring great fun through multiple activities. During the events, MILO will also be providing nutritional knowledge and tips for healthier eating and educate and share on the brand’s environmental sustainability efforts.

Mr. Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “For the past 73 years, MILO has been advocating the importance of good nutrition and encouraging Malaysians to lead active lifestyles. This commitment is further demonstrated through our engagement in grassroots sports and our support for multiple generations of Malaysian athletes. With the return of full-scale MBD events, we are building upon this foundation, reminding everyone about the importance of having a nutritious breakfast as the best way to prepare for the day’s activities and demands. Once again, we are doing this through a mega-event filled with great fun and energetic activities. We are also looking forward to share with the public the efforts undertaken by the MILO brand to contribute to a greener future for all!”

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2023 kicked off in Sarawak recently. Malaysians can look forward to the upcoming legs of MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day, which will take place in Sabah and conclude in Putrajaya

This year’s MBD includes exciting new additions, such as the MILO Goodness Workout. This dynamic 45-minute high-energy mass workout session seamlessly blends athleticism and dance, and it is set to make its debut in the vibrant states of Sabah and Sarawak. In addition, the brand has introduced a meaningful new element this year, whereby participants can choose to contribute MILO products from their Entry Pack to B40 families during registration. The total product donation will be further supplemented by MILO’s contribution and distributed to underprivileged families.

Ng Su Yen Business Executive Officer, MILO, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, added, “MILO has consistently been a strong advocate for sports development, actively supporting and implementing initiatives that promote wellness. We firmly believe in translating our advocacy into tangible actions that benefit Malaysians. In fact, the pandemic served as a catalyst to intensify our efforts, inspiring us to find inclusive ways that benefit both people and environment. In line with this, MILO has proactively undertaken sustainability initiatives such as MILO Sayang Bumi and the CARETon Project, in collaboration with Tetra Pak, focusing on reducing plastic waste and raising awareness about recycling. To lead by example, we have also installed solar panels on MILO trucks. Alongside this, MILO continues to pioneer the adoption of more sustainable packaging solutions, such as the elimination of plastic straws or the use of Recycled-PET.”

Following the kick-off of MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day which took place on July 2 in Sarawak, MBD will continue on July 16 in Sabah, before making a final stop at Putrajaya on July 29 and 30. MBD is open to everyone, free of charge, and offers various stage activities, complimentary breakfast and exciting freebies to enjoy.

For those interested in joining the MILO Goodness Workout in East Malaysia, as well as the MILO run in Putrajaya, pre-registration is required. Tickets are available for purchase on the official MILO website an exclusive Event Entry Pack containing various goodies up for grabs. For more details on MBD, please visit Stay tuned for more updates.