Foam Galore : Facial Wash Net


I’ve always wanted to get this but didn’t get around to looking for one until very recently. There are several ways you can produce plenty of foam with your cleanser and these include using a sponge or a facial brush to whip up foam in a small bowl (just like what I always see at Shiseido counters) but I think that the best and easiest way is just to buy a facial wash net.

Just like many people, I love the sensation of soft foam on my face, the more the merrier. This facial mesh net which I picked up from Daiso (couldn’t find it anywhere else but if it is sold elsewhere, I reckon it’d cost more than RM5) comes in 2 sizes, small and large, no medium for some funny reason which I don’t know about. There were less of the small size than the large on display. Apparently, small size is for taking along on your travels.

Being a self-confessed kiasu person, I picked up the large net. Hey, I am paying the same price, I might as well get the bigger version. It comes with a plastic ring on top of the net which serves as a hanger to put up against the hook on the bathroom wall and to loop one of your fingers in it as your other hand rubs the cleanser against the mesh net to produce the foam.

Wet the net first, then pour or squeeze your cleanser of choice on to the net. Thanks to the net, you can actually use less cleanser than normal (if you weren’t using the net). Once enough lather has been produced, just squeeze the foam out of the net.

I do like exploring Daiso from time to time, it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave, there are some treasures to be found albeit inexpensive ones. This facial net manages to produce lather from non-foaming cleansers like liquid washes and can be used with all types of cleansers, be they in solid, liquid, cream or powder form.