Herbalife Introduces ImmuLift To Support The Well-Being Of Malaysians

Herbalife ImmuLift
Herbalife ImmuLift

In a bid to help Malaysians support their body’s system on multiple level, Herbalife, a premier health and wellness company, has launched ImmuLift. Formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that include EpiCor®, a clinically researched ingredient to bolster the body’s natural defenses, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc, ImmuLift is a supplementary drink that offers a convenient solution aimed at providing adults with increased support to strengthen their overall well-being.

Following the pandemic, immune health remains a core concern. Demand for immunity-boosting nutritional supplements has also been on the rise with consumers realising the importance of increasing immune protection. The trend is reflected in Euromonitor’s Growth of Dietary Supplements for the Immune System with a 11.2% rise in Malaysia’s growth of immune health dietary supplements, between 2022 and 2023.

Steven Chin, Senior Director/General Manager of Herbalife Malaysia and Singapore

“The pandemic highlighted the importance of keeping our health in tip-top condition, to safeguard ourselves against the effects of stress and illnesses. The launch of ImmuLift will pave the way for consumers to get access to multiple levels of nutritional support while protecting their cells from oxidative stress.

The launch of ImmuLift is also timely given the growing emphasis on holistic well-being as revealed by Herbalife’s 2023 Health Priority Survey. With a significant 79% of Malaysian respondents actively prioritising their overall health, we are pleased to be able to support their journey towards better health by offering a convenient and effective way to boost immunity daily,” said Steven Chin, Senior Director/General Manager of Herbalife Malaysia and Singapore.

The four core ingredients that go into the ImmuLift formula include:

  • EpiCor®: Beta-glucan from yeast that can help to support the immune system associated with colds*
  • Vitamin C: Enhances iron absorption from food
  • Vitamin D: Helps the body utilise calcium and phosphorus
  • Zinc: Plays an essential role in growth

*Disclaimer: The amount recommended for claim effect is 0.2g per day

Ideal for individuals to consume at any time of the day, simply add one sachet of ImmuLift to 240ml of warm or cold water and stir until dissolved, to enjoy a refreshing blackcurrant-flavoured drink that offers a blend of nutrients to keep Malaysians healthy on the go.

This product is available through Herbalife’s independent distributors.