Charmed By Fossil


Years ago, I picked up a book on charm bracelets from a library (obviously NOT a Malaysian library) and ended up being thoroughly and completely mesmerised by the charming designs. That book was a hardcover and it had hundreds of charm bracelet pictures.

So that began my search for a charm bracelet to call my own. At a jeweller’s, I found a silver bracelet with very girly charms, like a high heel, several handbags, a treasure chest, sunglasses and a handphone. While the charms have remained as new as the day they were purchased, the silver needs some polishing.

Other than charm bracelets, my other favourite fashion accessory is the watch and I have a weakness for Fossil watches as the designs set them apart from other more staid (not to mention expensive) brands.

Recently, Fossil came out with charm watches which made my heart skip a beat when I saw them. There was a New York charm watch (RM349) which had a red apple and Empire State Building charms. That was lovely but I didn’t like the watch face which was also a charm so it wouldn’t stay put on the wrist, too dingly-dangly for my liking.

Then there is this stainless steel Charm Three Silver Dial Watch which has eight charms. My favourite charm of all is the tag inscribed with the words “INSPIRE, DREAM, CREATE”, it could almost be my mantra. The 2 rose charms are (to use an American expression) pretty neat as well.

The watch face is just the right size for me or for that matter, other Asian ladies who have smaller wrists. The links can be easily removed to fit. This watch is RM379, I know that there is another design which has a “peace and love” theme. These are limited edition and probably selling like hot cakes because I don’t see them any more at certain department stores.

Fossil boutiques also sell individual charms which you can add to your watch. Compared to Thomas Sabo charms, Fossil’s are much cheaper, starting from RM79, if memory serves me right.